Two of the world’s best e-learning professionals in Canada’s Chris van Wingerden and Ger Driesen of the Netherlands have been lined up for the final eLearning Indaba event of 2021, taking place on 18 November.

The New Leaf Technologies eLearning Indaba is an annual conference series that boasts a range of expert speakers who provide insights on resources, latest trends and best-practice methods in the eLearning space.

Started in 2013, the conference provides human resources and learning & development (L&D) professionals a platform to network and collaborate with peers from a range of industries.

The two speakers for the eLearning Indaba’s 2021 finale boast a wealth of experience and industry know-how.

Van Wingerden is senior vice-president of dominKnow, a powerful cloud-based e-learning authoring tool, and co-host of the world-famous “Instructional Designers in Offices Drinking Coffee” (#IDIODC) video and podcast series, where conversations are held with other experts about industry trends.

The dominKnow platform he has helped develop contains authoring features that are robust and easy to use, so team members no longer need to spend time doing complex and time-consuming programming to achieve many tasks.

Van Wingerden in his role as vice-president has become a past master at strategies for planning and designing content for multiple learning uses.

Driesen is a leaning innovation leader at aNewSpring, a Rotterdam-based eLearning platform with more than 400 clients training more than a million learners around the world.

Renowned for his passion for connecting people, ideas and inspiration in the global learning community, Driesen has held a number of roles in the L&D industry, including consultant, trainer/facilitator, manager and entrepreneur.

Overseas he is known as the “Dutch L&D trendcatcher”, given his huge presence in articles, blogs and on Twitter. His insights are valued the world over, and he is a fixture on the international conference circuit.

The final event of the years kicks off at 14h00 on 18 November.

Attendance at the eLearning Indaba is open to all, and access to previous session recordings is included. Registration also allows access to upcoming events in the series.

To register, simply visit: and enter your details.