Synthesis Software Technologies, an innovative software development and consulting company, announced that it has achieved the 200 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification milestone.

The company creates and manages complex, high-value technology, partnering with customers to give them a true competitive edge whether through its cloud, digital, data, training, or managed services offerings.

This milestone is reflective of Synthesis’s commitment to providing its customers with deep technical expertise and an unparalleled customer experience. Synthesis’s customers are experiencing this daily:

“They galvanised, supported and empowered us to go on this AWS journey with confidence, knowing we had the best minds looking at the solutioning for us. It’s the proven way of Synthesis working and its experience, that’s what we’ve bought, and that’s what we’re empowered with into the future.”  said David Slotow, Trackmatic CEO.

It is also testament to its culture of curiosity and innovation, as well as its commitment to developing its employees. The software company offers its employees training journeys through its Academy and incentives for constant growth.

This Academy is also open to Synthesis’s customers and partners, allowing them to learn the latest on AWS from highly trained and experienced professionals. The Synthesis Academy ensures companies get relevant, real-world skills that they can implement instantly through its unique, gamified approach for business decision makers and technical teams.

“This is an amazing achievement for us,” says Darryl Govender, Head of Cloud Services at Synthesis. “I’m extremely proud of the team’s achievement towards this goal we’ve long set for ourselves; Synthesis is 100% committed to growing our skill and expertise in public cloud, validated by industry-recognised credentials and, of course, the proven delivery experienced by our customers.”

This achievement displays Synthesis’s continued dedication to pioneering AWS locally and globally. It was among the first AWS Advanced Consulting Partners in Africa. Synthesis was also among the first Partners in the AWS Partner Network (APN) from the region to achieve the AWS Financial Services Consulting Competency and the AWS DevOps Consulting Competency designations. In addition, the company is already an AWS SaaS Partner, with expertise in offering APN Immersion Days, and conducting AWS Well Architected reviews. It also has attained the AWS Security Consulting Competency as well as the AWS Microsoft Workloads Consulting Competency.

“To be part of a company that is devoted to the development of the staff through learning is priceless. To many, a technical certification may just be a piece of paper, however, at Synthesis it comes with knowledge and experience. I am extremely proud of everyone at the company. It is just the beginning and I am certain we will rise to new heights going forward,” said Tracy Morris, AWS Partner Alliance Lead at Synthesis.

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