Kathy Gibson reports from InterSystems Virtual Summit 2021 – The global healthcare world is in a period of rapid evolution, and systems are under pressure to stay current.

“Covid-19 has forced systems to change at a pace unknown until now,” says Dimitri Fane, product director at InterSystems. “We have always believed that a unified healthcare platform must be built for a changing world, because the healthcare environment is constantly changing.”

Healthcare organisations are under pressure from a number of areas, and these pressure points are constantly changing, Fane adds. “These changes could be regulatory, business, healthcare science or even something like a global pandemic. And healthcare systems have to be able to make the relevant adjustments.”

InterSystems’ TrakCare has a continuous release programme, with new features added every six weeks or so.

“We think there are three pillars of agility and resiliency that are critical,” Fane says.

Interoperability makes the data flow, and is key to the TrakCare value proposition.

User experience drives adoption and processes and is vital for customer satisfaction and outcomes.

Innovations are critical not only from InterSystems, but from its customers too, giving them the ability to use data in new and innovative ways.

To this end, InterSystems has announced the TrakCare Innovation Toolkit.

“We talk about the value of data, but leveraging this value has been a challenge in the past,” Fane explains. “The TrakCare Innovation Toolkit removes many of the barriers, allowing customers to manage data in the FIHR data repository in IRIS.”

The toolkit is based on the IRIS Community Edition, which means it’s free to use for developers. “So you can get started right away,” Fane says.

“When it comes to innovation, you need to try out many ideas to find the one that works,” he adds. “We are trying to remove the barriers and costs associated with that process.

“Using the TrakCare Innovation Toolkit will ultimately be about leveraging the data you have and bringing the knowledge you gain back into your workflows. But phase 1 is designed to encourage innovation.”


A community for innovation

The InterSystems Client Connection, announced yesterday, is now open to all TrakCare customers.

“This is an online community for customers to share documents, videos and ideas, or host discussion communities,” Fane says. “It allows you to interact with fellows around the world.

“It is open to all of our clients, and we invite you to visit and look around.”