Liferay, an open source software company that assists organisations in building digital experiences, has partnered with Riverbird Technology Partners, a specialist technology and consulting company, to assist businesses in their digital transformation journeys.

With Covid-19 having accelerated the need for digital transformation, there is now a greater demand from Lines of Business (LoBs) to use digital channels to better serve their customers and capture the increasingly youthful and digitally savvy market. This is where solutions like Liferay’s Digital Experience Platform (DXPs) are reshaping organisations and enabling new business models to emerge.

“We’re really excited about this partnership, and our shared vision. Liferay’s mission is to provide businesses in Africa with the digital tools necessary to realise long-term advantages from digital transformation, and Riverbird Technologies is the ideal partner to help businesses integrate multiple capabilities, processes, and, of course, technologies,” says Greg Gatherer, account manager at Liferay Africa.

Riverbird Technologies operates throughout South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Namibia, guiding organisations through the many stages of digital transformation. With Liferay’s DXP, businesses can build digital experiences, and solve digital challenges with omnichannel intranet, portal, commerce, and integration solutions.

“Over the years we have evaluated various Digital Experience Platforms, and Liferay has consistently ranked among the best in the space,” says Simon Mahla from Riverbird Technologies. “We see Liferay driving the digital agenda for our customers.

“Our clients are looking for three things: for open platforms to avoid vendor lock-in (and open source is the future); they are looking for enterprise support in-country through partners such as Riverbird; and Lines of Business want to reduce over-reliance on IT to unlock innovation through intuitive, easy-to-use platforms.”

As a partner of Liferay, Riverbird Technology aims to deliver quick value to its customers, and in the long-term, build a Liferay Center of Competency through the Riverbird Digital Factory, allowing the two organisations to position themselves as the subject-matter experts and trusted advisors for digital transformation outside of the big consultancy firms.