Technodyn International, the exclusive strategic partner for IFS in sub-Saharan Africa, has announced the general availability of the latest update to IFS Cloud.

With the new release, the company has added a host of new features and functionality that speed up time to deployment in system application deployment and add advanced analytics, all in a refined user experience.

As part of the upgrade, IFS has added a host of industry-specific capabilities supporting its position as a provider of software that matches the direct need of the markets its clients play in. This includes improved data collection capabilities to demonstrate compliance and highlight the steps an organisation has achieved towards meeting its sustainability goals with the IFS Cloud Sustainability Hub now available and integrated inside of Microsoft Teams. With the latest updates to IFS Cloud for HCM and Talent Management solutions, customers can elect to use out of the box functionality for recruitment, onboarding, and development.

“The new functionality added to IFS Cloud offers customers a greatly refined user experience, not just in how they engage with the platform, but also how they deliver their products and services as well as serve their clients,” says Heman Kassan, chief commercial officer of Technodyn International. “The Sustainability Hub is just one example of what the company is putting in place to ensure that its solutions are relevant, appealing, and address the exact needs of the modern customer.”

With the addition of myriad new APIs, Technodyn International customers can now extend their IFS investment to connect applications services across the business and third-party applications. One example is the inclusion of APIs that connect factory machinery with IFS Cloud to deliver a connected shop floor. With this, a client can derive real-time intelligence that creates a central management view of their supply-chain and production in line, ensuring supply always meets demand.

Another core new functionality includes Intelligent Asset Monitoring and Maintenance that uses machine learning to improve predictive maintenance capabilities and efficiency.

Advanced Analytics features have been added to user-customisable Lobbies, allowing an organisation to leverage modular tabular analysis models and display business-critical information relevant to the user. This focus on analytics enables a user to visualise data in real-time, create detailed data visualisations, and democratises how analytics is used by making it simple for all teams to navigate and utilise.

An updated user experience (UX) adds new branding capabilities that allow customers to white label solutions and add their branding to the experience.

According to Technodyn International, its local IFS customers and partners can also look forward to:

* Update Studio – providing users with better control of how updates are deployed and consumed, ensuring that they can plan the release of updates and measure their impact downstream by understanding what effect they will have on the businesses configurations and customisations of the system. This is useful to manage system change management better and ensure that compliance and regulatory frameworks aren’t compromised when systems are updated.

* Dispatch Console – part of IFS Cloud for Service Management, now features capabilities based on four personas of dispatchers, ranging from those that rely on a mostly automated process to those that will complete a whole process start to finish manually. IFS Cloud now gives each user profile the power to deliver their Moment of Service for their customers.

“With these updates, IFS is acknowledging that for its clients to remain agile and connected; they need a software environment that can evolve as their business does. We are also delighted to announce that these features and functionality are immediately available to Technodyn’s IFS partners and customers across sub-Saharan Africa,” ends Kassan.