• Analysing, monitoring, optimising, reporting and coordinating performance of all Digital Marketing channels.
  • Exploring new channels as well as looking into new ways of reaching a target audience and maximizing the results with clients.
  • Monitoring and managing the performance of websites’ landing pages metrics and lead the improvement of the user experience.
  • Working closely with various teams as well as outsourced service providers.
  • Researching the latest digital tools and interactive trends.
  • Creating integrated and cost-effective digital strategies.
  • Driving value for the organization.
  • Analysing and reporting on digital campaigns.
  • Analysing customer and user data.
  • Engaging with clients, sales teams and management.
  • Mapping out how digital assets will be optimised for business results.
  • Defining and actioning digital events.


  • Degree in Advertising, Marketing, Communication Science or equivalent.
  • Google Ads certified – Search, Shopping, Display, Video, Apps.
  • Google Analytics certified.

Skills / Experience:

  • 3 years experience in Marketing (Google and Facebook’s advertising platforms).
  • Previous experience in a digital marketing or media agency environment.
  • Google Analytics (Google certification would be a bonus).
  • Google Ads and Facebook Ads managers.
  • Managing a business Facebook page.
  • Facebook business manager.
  • Ability to clearly define and articulate what is:
    • Programmatic Advertising | Google Ad Auction.
    • Ads Relevance Score | A good landing page.
    • The difference between Exact Match, Broad match, phrase match, exact match modifier, and Broad match modifier | A true view ad.
    • The difference between a Facebook ad and a boosted post.
    • The difference between a click and an outbound click.
    • Google Tag manager | The partner network.
    • ROAs | Search Impression Share | Brand Safety.
  • Experience in advertising on the following channels:
    • Google Search | Google Display | Google Partner network.
    • YouTube | Google App’s | Facebook.
    • Instagram | Messenger | FB Partner network.

Desired Skills:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Analytics

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