Econz Wireless and PaySpace have announced an integration partnership.

The partnership will allow mutual customers to take advantage of a bi-directional integration between the Econz Wireless Timecard mobile applications and PaySpace’s Payroll platform.

“This will provide a true ‘Mobile punch to payroll’ offering for remote field staff across multiple verticals throughout Africa,” says Chantelle Maartens, Econz director of sales. “Regardless of size of the business or vertical it takes a lot of effort to efficiently manage field employees’ Time, Attendance, Activities and GPS Locations; to accurately collect remote timesheets for payroll approvals.

“The relationship between Econz and PaySpace streamlines company workflow, paper and payroll processes for the field staff, supervisors, payroll managers and other office staff, allowing them to work on other productive activities. This sustains optimal company growth while ensuring cost savings for the business.”

The seamless integration built by the Econz development team also owes its success to PaySpace having published web service APIs to allow for bi-direction data within the PaySpace platform including Employee On-Boarding, Payrate Transfer, Time, and Attendance Information, Leave, Holidays, and more.

Heinrich Swanepoel, head of sales at PaySpace, is excited about the new integration partnership: “We have always believed that the proof is in the pudding. And Econz does offer just that. They are providing a new seamless experience for clients looking to go from manual to automated solutions.”