Data Management Professionals South Africa (DMP SA) has become an official Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner for Metallic, a Commvault venture.

Iniel Dreyer, MD of DMP SA, says this makes the company the first Metallic MSP partner in the African region and one of the first few in the world since the recent launch of the programme, with Metallic’s Data Management as a Service platform being a natural fit for the business.

Metallic is part of Commvault’s Intelligent Data Services Platform that enables organisations to proactively simplify and manage the complexity of enterprise data. It delivers enterprise-grade, industry-leading data protection, with the simplicity of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

“DMP SA’s main business drive is to provide value-added services to customers with a focus on the as-a-service model, which has seen us build our own Backup as a Service (BaaS) platforms for the past six years. Metallic is a natural fit for our business, as it is a readily available platform that is easy to scale, without the need for huge capital investments,” he explains.


Less time and money

“With this offering, we can still deliver the same enterprise-type solutions to customers that we traditionally have, but on a more cost-effective basis and within much shorter timeframes, as many of the project planning phases can be taken out.”

One of the main benefits for its customers is that, as a Metallic MSP partner, DMP SA will provide local support on a 24/7 basis. This will remove the complexity and challenges of companies having to rely on support from a vendor based in a different country.

“Local support is a big advantage for our customers. There is always a gap when a vendor is based in a different part of the world. Additionally, with us providing support, customers can rest assured that we know their environments, we know their people and we can thus provide a better service,” says Dreyer.


Proven track record

To qualify for the MSP programme, aside from selling Metallic licences, Dreyer explains that DMP SA had to be positioned to provide first- and second-line support to customers, which means it needed to employ at least three certified sales and technical staff members.

“This wasn’t a problem, as we have more than the minimum required number of certified Metallic engineers. Our proven track record with Commvault offerings and the support that we provide to customers make us a natural choice for the Metallic MSP programme.”

“Vendors need trusted partners that have the skills to deploy, maintain and sell their products to customers with whom they have solid relationships. Due to DMP SA’s large and established customer base, and trust we’ve developed in terms of delivering Commvault products, we are a very good fit for Commvault’s Metallic programme.”

Dreyer says there isn’t a particular market segment that DMP SA will be looking to target with the Metallic offering but will rather engage with any customer in the business-to-business space that wishes to protect their data. “For us, it’s not industry or market-specific. The solution is able to scale to an enterprise-level and is also geared – from a price point perspective – to small and medium and customers. It’s really about what service we can offer our customers and what their needs are in terms of protecting their data. We treat all customers as equal, regardless of company size or industry,” he concludes.