The year that has passed brought us closer to home than we’ve ever been. As we learned and felt the different speeds and volumes of change, we understood the fast rate we’re moving towards the future, and the different feelings tied to it.

So, what do these mean for 2022 and beyond?

This is the question addressed by Ford Motor Company’s 10th annual Trend Report. Led by Ford’s chief futurist Sheryl Connelly, the report examines consumer preferences and behaviours across a variety of topics, with special forecasts on the outlook of the ‘Future Of’ topics ranging from technology and electric vehicles to family and sustainability.

* The Future of Our Planet: 81% of adults globally say climate change makes them worried for their children’s future, with climate change making up 29% of the population’s main worries about the future, followed by 22% who worry about the potential for a virus

* The Future of Mobility: The trust-value of self-driving vehicles has grown, with 65% of parents saying they’d rather their children ride in self-driving vehicles than with a stranger. Additionally, 31% of Gen Z and Millennials agree that today’s younger generation will not need to learn how to drive.

* The Future of Productivity: When asked if different aspects of life will return to normal post-covid, 13% of adults globally say work will never return to normal.

* The Future of Knowledge and Information: 58% of the population believes that the development of AI will not make higher education less important; 68% believe robots will not replace the majority of teachers.

* The Future of Identity & Belonging: 44% of the population believes that gender assignments will be gone within their lifetime.

* The Future of Family: 45% of consumers saw their relationships with their family improve because of Covid-19. Additionally, 79% of Gen-Z remains with the idea to have/raise kids in the future