As the journey into 2022 begins, consumers are urged to remain vigilant and not let their guard down. Fraudsters are still trying to take advantage of the December shopping season, which is when fraudsters are most active.

A new threat was recently flagged on social media, where someone posing as a bank representative calls a customer about a fraud alert and invites them to block their card. To do this, the customer needs to read out their card and CVV number.

“This is a classical case detailing how easy it is to become a victim,” says Manie van Schalkwyk, CEO of the Southern African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS). “It is vitally important to remember that your bank will never call you and ask you for information like your bank card number or your CVV number. If you receive this call, contact your bank’s fraud department immediately, then contact the SAFPS.”

One of the most important services, and the core of SAFPS’ service offering, is Protective Registration. Protective Registration is a free service protecting individuals against future fraud. Consumers apply for this service and the SAFPS alerts its members to take additional care when dealing with that individual’s details.

Protective Registration provides an added layer of protection and peace of mind regardless of whether the identity of the applicant has been compromised.

Victim Fraud Registration

Through Fraud Victim Registration, the SAFPS will assist applicants in preventing fraud that is a result of identity theft and impersonation.

This will protect applicants from associated financial implications. The SAFPS will issue applicants with a Victim of Impersonation Letter which they can share with future credit providers to assist in any verification processes.

Consumers are urged to visit the SAFPS website on, and click on protect your identity. It is recommended that a smart phone is used in this process and that the applicant has a copy of their ID with them. Alternatively, applicants can follow the manual process explained on the website.