ENVIRONMENT: CREATE seamless user experience utilising your coding expertise as a Software Engineer Team Lead (Python) sought by a Joburg Brand Specialist. Your core role will be to build, maintain and improve back-end applications and processes while analysing existing code and industry developments, formulating more efficient processes and solving problems. You must possess a BSc Degree in Computer Science or equivalent discipline, have 4 years experience in a similar role and programming in Python, be familiar with an ORM (Object Relational Mapper) library, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Git, Unit Test and debugging skills, Project Management, understand Security Compliance & the threading limitations of Python, and multi-process architecture.DUTIES:

  • Develop and maintain applications for web and/or API access, typically in Python.
  • Odoo customisation and extension, typically in Python.
  • Integration to other systems via APIs, in particular building an integration layer between WhatsApp messaging and Odoo.
  • Be involved in the implementation of DevOps practices including CI/CD, automated cloud deployments and hosting architecture.
  • Be involved and participate in the overall application lifecycle.
  • Collaborate with Front-end Developers and other team members.
  • Define and communicate technical and design requirements.
  • Provide training, help and support to other team members.
  • Build high-quality, reusable, testable and efficient code.
  • Develop functional and sustainable web applications with clean code.
  • Integration of data storage solutions including relational databases, key-value stores, and cloud blob stores.
  • Troubleshoot and debug applications.
  • Learn/follow new and emerging technologies.
  • Stay up to date with current best practices.
  • Collaborate with multidisciplinary team of Designers, Developers and System Administrators.

REQUIREMENTS: Qualifications

  • BSc Degree in Computer Science or similar relevant field.


  • 4 Years experience as a Back-end Developer.
  • 4 Years experience with programming Python.
  • Familiarity with an ORM (Object Relational Mapper) library.
  • Able to integrate multiple data sources and databases into one system.
  • Understanding of the threading limitations of Python, and multi-process architecture.
  • Basic understanding of Font-end technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3.
  • Understanding of Security Compliance.
  • Knowledge of user authentication and authorisation between multiple systems, servers, and environments.
  • Understanding of fundamental design principles behind a scalable application.
  • Familiarity with event-driven programming in Python.
  • Able to create database schemas that represent and support business processes.
  • Strong Unit Test and debugging skills.
  • Proficient understanding of Git for code versioning.


  • Knowledge of at least one Python web framework (such as Django or Flask).
  • Strong Linux experience.
  • Cloud architecture experience.

Desired Skills:

  • Software
  • Engineer
  • Team

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