A company based in Pretoria is looking for a Technical Engineer with extensive TWA skills to join their team on a contract until November 2022, working from the Rosslyn plant. CV to [Email Address Removed]

  • To perform specialist, laboratory-based, Materials Technology activities within a specified discipline, i.e., metals, non-metals, chemistry, processes, as dictated by business requirements and production needs.
  • Utilizing local and international specifications with regards to company Standards, DIN Norms, TI-3 documents on DMS and including local and international environmental guidelines
  • Accountable for the quality of paint materials (primer, top-coat, clear coat) on the production line, including the initial release of new materials, batch control, in-process quality control, and supplier liaison on all matters about the products used.
  • The Incumbent is a representative of plant Rosslyn in the Competence field Corrosion Protection.
  • Solving material and process-related problems for Paint Shop and suppliers to ensure continuous production.
  • Ensuring that all work is performed according to the guidelines laid down by TI-3 and in such a way that the conditions for company-wide ISO certifications are fulfilled.
  • The owner of this position him/herself is responsible for the quality of his/her work as well as for the handling of safety, health, and environmental issues
  • Represents TWA in complex problem-solving processes on the line and with suppliers, with main focus on application plant, involving materials and material handling processes
  • Assists with technical competence on the introduction of new materials and processes, liaison with suppliers and the TWA Network
  • Analyses paint process results to prevent process problems in advance
  • Initial and batch release of chemical materials, including paints.
  • Measurement, evaluation, and interpretation of gloss, haze, film-build, and color of vehicles.
  • Plans, coordinates and carries out ISIR test procedures for corrosion resistance and painted plastic part specification adherence according to company methods and defined work instructions.
  • Plans and carries out case-related investigations. Initiates and executes chemical analysis (organic, inorganic, metals) requiring specialist equipment (FTIR, ICP, SEM for phosphate crystals) knowledge and personal expertise, and ability to interpret results.
  • Reporting and communicating interpreted test results in a clear and concise format and able to derive conclusions and recommend further actions.
  • Ensuring that the required accuracy and results are achieved during tests as per company guidelines, norms, and ISO requirements. Draw up work procedures by TWA guidelines.
  • Direct responsibility for accuracy, function, and upkeep of specified test and measurement equipment, including maintenance and calibration.
  • Liaison with TWA global network on the latest product and process developments.
  • Responsible for the retention and advancement of specialist skills and knowledge about the relevant specialist tasks and activities described here.

Minimum Requirements

Minimum Qualifications:

  • National Higher Diploma or BTech in Mechanical or Chemical Engineering or apprenticeship with extensive TWA and paint experience.

Minimum Experience:

  • 2-3 years of TWA experience
  • Working knowledge of the company TI-3 systems & procedures.
  • Experience in paint technology

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