Kaspersky is launching its Cyber Immunity vision to the IoT community at Mobile World Congress, is presenting its complete portfolio of consumer cybersecurity technologies for the mobile industry.

The global pandemic led to rapid digital transformation, not only within organisations but in society at large, taking the matter of cybersecurity to a whole new level. Despite the speed of cybersecurity technology development, new threats continue to arise, creating a constant race between defense and attack. This makes the need for comprehensive cybersecurity to protect against existing and future threats critical.

Smart infrastructure protection

As digital and physical infrastructures converge in smart cities, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation – including IoT, connected devices, and digital services, to name just a few – the need for a new approach to cybersecurity has never been more important. Built on Cyber Immunity – Kaspersky’s specific approach to IoT security – protection becomes an innate function of connected platforms.

Key solutions on show, designed for smart and connected systems, include Kaspersky IoT Infrastructure Security and Kaspersky Transportation System Security. The company will also present a new product – Kaspersky Industrial IoT Gateway 1000, which is based on KasperskyOS and delivers extended security for data transferring from IoT devices to business clouds.

Kaspersky Consumer Business Alliances are also presenting a complete portfolio of innovative cybersecurity products and services for mobile operators, internet service providers (ISPs), and other partners.

Kaspersky’s Consumer Business Alliances engage more than 500 partners around the world, offering over ten years of experience, assisting with customisation, rebranding, and integration services for partners.

Products on show include:

* New BC2 endpoint solution: New consumer cybersecurity platform with new features, new UX/UI, new naming.

* Stand-alone apps: Kaspersky Safe Kids, Password manager, Safe Kids, VPN Secure Connection, iOS Security.

* Kaspersky Smart Home Security. The new solution to protect routers and IoT devices.

* Kaspersky DNS Filter. The new agent-less solution for mobile operators to protect users on their network.