NTT DOCOMO and NEC have launched a proof-of-concept (PoC) testing to run NEC’s 5G core network (5GC) service in a hybrid cloud environment that leverages the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud using end-to-end cloud- native network architecture.

Through the PoC, DOCOMO, NEC, and AWS expect to prove the viability of cloud-native mobile networks leveraging a public cloud for network function virtualisation (NFV).

Graviton2 processors can bring to NEC’s 5GC in the AWS cloud to achieve an energy-performance advantage over comparable solutions. As the first step, 5GC network functions will run in the cloud on AWS infrastructure and corresponding 5GC network functions will reside on DOCOMO’s on-premises infrastructure to verify availability and operational feasibility.

The second step will deploy the 5GC network function on AWS Outposts (on Amazon EC2 compute instances powered by Graviton2 processors) on DOCOMO’s premises. AWS Graviton2 processors deliver a major leap in performance and reduce the carbon footprint for energy efficiency.