Cybersecurity consulting and advisory firm Cyber Insight has announced its positioning as a managed security service provider (MSSP) and launched a number of offerings under its Secure Future Management brand banner.

According to Deon Smal, CEO of Cyber Insight, the firm’s MSSP offerings are supported by a serious incident reaction procedure which is controlled, managed and overseen by its security operations centre (SOC) staff.

“As an MSSP, our portfolio includes a comprehensive range of security services including system monitoring for cyberthreats, the exposure of vulnerabilities and the management of system updates – patches – together with encryption management and web application filtering,” he says.

“We also offer firewall and intrusion prevention system management, cloud backup administration, as well as endpoint threat detection with appropriate response protocols.

“Additionally, we provide an IT and security policy preparation and maintenance service which assists clients to comply with current regulatory requirements.”

Smal says Cyber Insight has access to extensive resources and a dynamic knowledge base, the benefits of which are constantly being conveyed to clients. “

“Through our support of critical systems in multiple organisations, we have visibility into the methods used in a variety of cyberattacks along with vast amounts of data relating to security breaches.

“The study and analysis of this vital information allows us to continually refine, implement and manage effective best practices on behalf of our clients.”

Smal adds that apart from the highest levels of security management, a key advantage of offerings under Cyber Insight’s Secure Future Management banner is cost saving as organisations will not need to upskill staff or establish specialised in-house security management teams to deal with the current rise in cybersecurity threat levels.