Finnish cyber security company F-Secure has divested from the African market through a local management buy-out of the South African Consulting business.

On 14 February 2022, the local management team acquired the majority stake in F-Secure South Africa and, to reflect the new company’s direction, are rebranding to MWR.

The full local management team has remained in place, and will keep operations mostly the same, along with the vision and mission that the team had as F-Secure South Africa.

MWR CyberSec will tailor its consulting services to the African and Middle Eastern markets and will continue to provide world-class security expertise through its talented local team, as well as becoming the B2B partner for F-Secure in these regions to continue to provide ongoing local support for Enterprise customers of F-Secure’s managed services.

MWR CyberSec CEO Gabriel De Sousa explains: “We are excited about the prospect of providing local customers with tailored support targeted towards finding solutions best suited for the unique cyber security needs of the African market.

“The ability to control the focus and investment of the local entity, unencumbered by the standardised operating procedures required by a global corporate entity, will allow us to focus our attention on the real-world challenges that our customers are facing and to support them through personal customer relationships and a high-quality customer experience.

“The local focus and control are believed to be the best way to drive targeted engagement and attract new talent,” he adds.

“The South African market is filled with bright minds and over the years we’ve built our business around attracting those bright minds into our organisation and providing them with the platform to learn and grow in the cyber security field.

“We are extremely proud of the talent that we have nurtured and the skills that we have put forward into the market – with the intention of continuing to do so going forward.”

MWR CyberSec aims to achieve its business goals by providing customers with two key commitments that address its clients’ security challenges:

African-Centric Approach

MWR will review its current service offering and ensure it is tailored enough to the specific needs of the African market and ensure that the right questions are being asked and answered through its consultancy.

This will involve prioritising its understanding of local trends and challenges and tailoring service-offerings to the real needs of clients. This will help the company work towards making the African cyber security landscape safer from threats.

“MWR will continue to provide the high-quality client experience that customers have come to expect from the local entity,” says De Sousa. “The company has a long history of being solutions-focused and going above and beyond to ensure that customers’ expectations are surpassed in every way.”

F-Secure Partnership

In order to ensure that disruptions experienced by current local clients are minimised, MWR CyberSec and F-Secure have entered into a transition partnership, with the mutual goal of a continued B2B partnership in the long-term.

MWR CyberSec and F-Secure are committed to partnering on managed services (including F-Secure Countercept and Incident Response services) for current and new clients.

The two entities will also support and collaborate with one another to capitalise on a global pool of knowledge across all former teams and to ensure the continued growth of the security community across multiple continents.