MVN-X has successfully reached 1-million subscribers across its portfolio of MVNO clients.
The Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) is a subsidiary of Ignition Telecoms, providing turnkey services to MVNOs, and has successfully enabled several well-known South African blue-chip companies to advance into the mobile voice, data, and fixed LTE sector.

Headed by Ignition Telecoms CEO Valde Ferradaz, MVN-X is the first MVNE to have entered the South African market in 2014. The company estimates their market share at 60% and MVNO subscriber share at an impressive 40%.

Standard Bank Mobile’s growth in 2021 is one example within MVN-Xs portfolio that contributed to the MVNE topping the million mark. With a target of up to 100% growth in the next 18 months, business plans include launching a new MVNO for one of South Africa’s largest retail groups, in the latter half of 2022.

According to Ferradaz, MVN-X is invested in simplifying the route to market for new entrants, and has developed an affordable, uncomplicated foundation phase for clients. Through its access to both MTN and Cell C’s host networks, the MVN-X provides greater mobile coverage and choice for its telecom’s partners.

“In theory we can enable an MVNO through any of the operators, we’re not limited in this respect. But to actively open-up the market even further, all the networks should be around the table. This will help to stimulate economic recovery, drive affordability, and increase connectivity for the people who need is most but can afford it least,” he says.

“Enabling a million subscribers is evidence of robust growth in the MVNO market and consumers are becoming increasingly responsive to the convenience, affordability and benefits of bundling services together with one service provider – like Pick ‘n Pay.”

The South African MVNO market, which is expected to register a compound annual global growth rate of 8,8% from 2018 to 2023, is poised for even greater acceleration, with a market cap of approximately 8,5-million subscribers.