The convergence of WAN enterprise networking and security fueled strong growth in SAS- related networking and security technologies.

“The pandemic made remote work and cloud-based applications necessary, and by doing so, accelerated the obsolescence of the classic hub-and-spoke networking model,” says Mauricio Sanchez, research director: network security, and SASE & SD-WAN at Dell’Oro Group.

“Rather than thinking of networking and security as separate problems to solve, they are now being thought of as a continuum and driving together cloud-friendly networking and security technologies into SASE.”

According to Dell’Oro’s 4Q 2021 Network Security Quarterly Report, more than 30 vendors compete in the SASE market, but the top 10 took in nearly 80% of the revenue.

Full-year 2021 market revenue for SASE networking consisting of SD-WAN technologies exceeded $2-billion.

Full-year 2021 market revenue for SASE security consisting of Secure Web Gateway, Cloud Access Security Broker, Zero Trust Network Architecture technologies surpassed $2-billion.

Unified SASE – a subset of the total SASE market consisting of solutions that implement SASE networking and security as an integrated platform – grew nearly 50% year-over-year for full-year 2021.

Firewall revenue rebounded in 2021, rising 13% and setting a new record by exceeding $10-billion for the first time.