South African market leader in cloud PBX and unified communications and collaboration (UC&C), Telviva, which is well-known in the local market for its unified communications platform Telviva One, joined global leaders at exhibiting their software at Mobile World congress (MWC) Barcelona 2022. The MWC event is geared towards all innovations within the mobile ecosystem.

The conference focused on the key themes of 5G and the evolution into 6G, artificial intelligence, advancements in cloud computing, as well as the Internet of Things and Internet of Everything, Metaverse among other key and emerging themes. MWC, known the world over as the premium conference for the industry, this year brought 61,000 physical attendees and 2500 exhibitors together, over and above digital attendees. The conference content lived up to its promise and underlined the speed of digital transition in business and having the right tools.

Telviva’s CEO David Meintjes says attendance at MWC marked Telviva’s soft launch into Europe, targeting service providers, IT integrators and Cloud PBX players in Europe. “We were well received and activated the first trial customer within two weeks from the event and are following through on several other opportunities. We have opted to penetrate European markets through a strategic partner-led approach following the success of the 18 white label partnerships we have in South Africa,” he says.

The Telviva team left with the distinct impression that the South African-designed Telviva One’s UC&C product platform can stand toe-to-toe with other global products.

“Perhaps one of the highlights at the conference was when we encountered a European operator in 24 countries that sees itself as a leader in the European context. A comparative analysis between their product and ours has shown an edge to the advantage of Telviva One. This reinforces the emphasis on establishing the right partners in that market,” he said. “It would also further enable us to service global companies better.”

Key attributes that make the product attractive include the feature set, ease of interoperability with other solutions, great performance-to-price relationship and the bring-your-own-brand and carrier models.

Beyond the simple acknowledgment that communication needs to happen anywhere and with any device, Meintjes believes the race for the heart of a customer is heating up. “Everything is geared towards customer intimacy and how you extend the lifetime value of a customer,” he says, adding that “unified communications and collaboration are key to crafting this customer journey and ensuring that the identity, history and context of past engagements are seamlessly available.”

The future of communication is a blend of text, audio and visual over any device with high levels of interoperability into underlying enterprise systems. This is evidenced by recent research from Gartner whereby they expect:

* By the end of this year, 15% of organisations will rely solely on cloud office suites for their business communication needs, including telephony — a significant increase from 2% in 2019.

* By 2023, the number of remote workers will have doubled to over two-thirds of digital workers, shifting buyer requirements to demand work-anywhere capabilities.\

* By 2024, 75% of enterprise users will not use a desk phone, up from 30% in 2020.

“These trends bode well for market adoption of cloud services and growth will cascade to the market we serve” says Meintjes.

“Our platform is live in Amazon Web Services data centres in Southern Africa, North America and Europe and ready to be leveraged for new partnerships. We are excited about the future with increased confidence to compete in the international market.”