A multi-national team that provides expertise in the areas of Digitalisation.
Our expertise comes from our wide-ranging experience in designing, developing, implementing and evaluating international cooperation digital projects in Germany and worldwide. We count on our broad networks in Africa, Eastern Europe, and Latin America for implementing projects and programs, and mobilizing local expertise.


  • The positive and sustainable impact of our projects is our main motivation
  • Develop Tools for non-comercial Clients like, NGOs, Foundations and Govermental organisations
  • Develop Web Apps based mainly on Drupal8 and Crossplatform Mobile Applications
  • Small development team of 4 developers, working on several projects at a time, organizing us agile kanban over our selfhosted gitlab
  • Managing dedicated servers for our clients with ansible, and are sharing responsibilities in testing and deployment workflows
  • Sstrive to improve ourselves and the way we work, so we like to experiment with new tools and new ways of working, sometimes it works out, sometimes we fail, but we always learn a lot during the processwe are highly result-oriented and are looking for people who are too
  • Try to shape and improve our processes constantly and are happy to take the next steps of automation
  • We strongly believe in transparency, so we share (almost) every information within the company,and have a culture with flat hierarchies and short decision paths
  • we discuss issues openly and directly with each other and bring them up as soon as we notice them
  • We highly value the opinions of our team members and make decisions based on data, not hierarchy
  • We focus on quality – we like good sustainable code

Our Projects:

  • Drupal web apps
  • crossplatform mobile apps with Drupal8 as backend
  • digital Publishing Tools
  • consulting on existing web projects + ideation for new projects

Desired Skills:

  • Linux and OSX
  • Full Lamp Stack setup
  • MySQL + MariaDB
  • Docker
  • Ansible – configuration automation
  • Ngnix
  • Varnish Caching
  • PHP7 object orientated programming
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript ES6
  • git + gitlab CI – intergration
  • Drupal 8 Basic programming experience

Desired Work Experience:

  • 2 to 5 years Software Development

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