Role Purpose:

  • Ability to work under supervision of more experienced Security engineers but must be able to use some discretion.
  • Ability to coordinate and prioritize workloads assigned to the engineer
  • Very good problem-solving skills across all endpoints and network resource in terms of patching, vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Very good understanding of security issues associated with operating systems, networking and virtualization software, 0365 applications and identity access management.
  • Very good IT technical knowledge of wired network wired network and cloud computing.
  • very good knowledge of cybersecurity across all the security service areas listed in section 6.
  • Good understanding of hacking and how to identify and detect and perform remediation.
  • High level of adaptability as priorities and threat landscape changes.
  • have a good understanding and be able to articulate security concepts verbally and in written format.
  • Ability to provide assistance and technical guidance to lower-level resource and.
  • Very good ability to examine technical issues relating to security incidents.
  • Ability to collaborate and work as a part of a team.
  • Ability to be self-managed, ethical, and honest
  • Ability to be respectful and seek building relationships
  • Good presentation skills.
  • Good reporting Skills
  • Excellent communication skills

Skills and Certifications

  • Cisco CCNP Certification (either CCNP Routing and Switching, CCNP Collaboration or CCNP Security) (must at least have one of these certifications, which must be valid i.e not expired)
  • 3-year experience in policy configurations, integrations, deployments, management and troubleshooting of:
  • Cisco Firepower Next-Generation intrusion Prevention Systems and
  • ASA
  • 3 years’ experience and expertise in the Cisco Web and Video Conferencing and
  • 3 years’ experience in the implementation, configuration, support, and management of the Cisco Identity Services Engine Including architecture

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