Systems Analyst Role in Johannesburg

We are looking forSystems Analyst Professionals with 3+years solid development experience in Systems Analysis and has a solid knowledge base of the SDLC.

About The Employer:


Systems Analyst Job Summary

We are seeking an experienced Systems Analyst to join our growing organization. In this position, you will analyze existing systems for improvement, recommend new system processes, and keep detailed reports of all structural and process changes. You must follow best practices and align with company goals while creating better procedures and solutions to increase performance and revenue.

Systems Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

  • Evaluate company systems and current processes
  • Compile objectives for improving and streamlining company procedures
  • Evaluate company performance, information, and formats
  • Analyze company software and hardware uses and needs
  • Track company systems progress and report on progress
  • Develop procedures to improve existing systems
  • Research and comparing hardware and software needs to make recommendations for the company
  • Advice on best practices
  • Plan and implement supportive business solutions
  • Document and create reports on systems effectiveness
  • Recommend new system developments
  • Analyze relevant data
  • Translate data for presentation to other team members
  • Enhance company business performance
  • Create a guide to system updates
  • Present key information to IT teams for improvements
  • Estimate and establish costs of upgrades and improvements
  • Address issues of existing systems
  • Compile, write, and distribute system process specifications

Systems Analyst Requirements and Qualifications

  • Relevant formal qualification/experience in systems analysis
  • B. Com, B.Sc. in Information Technology or Informatics would be preferable
  • +5 years of Systems Analysis experience
  • 3 – 5 Years’ experience in the Investment industry
  • Experience in design and support workflow solutions
  • Exposure to C#, XML, JSON, SOA
  • Experience in Business Process Management (BPM) experience
  • Experience analyzing operational needs to design, automate, publish, test, monitor, and report on business workflows
  • 3 – to 5 years of Software development experience would be advantageous
  • Experience in SQL stored procedures essential
  • Demonstrated knowledge of object-oriented analysis and design
  • Strong data analysis skills
  • Strong Application Design expertise
  • Exposure to SCRUM essential and other Agile methodologies advantageous
  • Ability to work closely with all stakeholders to design and deliver solutions

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