Position Purpose:
TheWeb Developer is responsible for completing web development tasks related to the products and projects of the company, specifically all web-based interfaces. Communicate internally to fully understand the requirements and goals of the project.
Create and maintain product production documentation. Provide technical support internally and externally. Build a knowledge base and skillset to contribute to the development and maintenance of company products and projects.


  • JavaScript, Node JS and Vue JS
  • HTML web development
  • Linux environment (Hosting web services on Linux and working with the Linux network manager)


  • Python (standard and web development packages such as Flask)
  • MQTT communication
  • Knowledge of communication interfaces such as RS485, CANBUS, Ethernet
  • Knowledge of communication protocol standards such as MODBUS, SNMP


  • Communicate internally to gain an in depth understanding of the technical requirements.
  • Participate in the creation and maintenance of documents that capture and clearly define all the functional, electrical, and mechanical requirements
  • Assist in feasibility studies when necessary
  • Leverage experience from senior design engineers to better understand solutions and build technical knowledge.
  • Build a technical knowledge base and skill set based on work experience to complete company development and support duties.
  • Identify technologies that will best suit the requirements for each project
  • Develop web interfaces hosted on local machines as well as cloud/server environments
  • Develop web fronted interfaces that are user friendly and modern based on the technical requirements of the relevant products
  • Take part in design reviews at various stages of all projects
  • Contribute to the maintenance of a secure repository for all the components used for development purposes
  • Support and assist the Solutions Architecture team members
  • Stay abreast of technology developments

Desired Skills:

  • Javascripts
  • Node JS
  • Vue JS

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