The Role: We are recruiting a Knowledge Manager who will be responsible for organising, structuring, securing, promoting and disseminating the company??s knowledge assets.

They need to setup structures and mechanisms to assist the organisation in easily harvesting, classifying, storing, and leveraging information across the business. The Knowledge Manager should work closely with knowledge producers, owners and key stakeholders to ensure corporate knowledge is fully leveraged and accessible to all authorised parties in a way that promotes its re-use and value to the organisation.

Skills and Experience: Qualification Required:

  • Course in Microsoft SharePoint
  • Formal Training in IT (preferable with Knowledge Management focus)
  • Basic training in programming / workflow / automation skills

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Diploma or Degree in IT with focus on Knowledge/Data Management and Security
  • Microsoft SharePoint (required)
  • Microsoft Automation and Workflow technologies / or programming skills (advantageous)”

Experience Required:

  • 2 – 5 yrs experience in a related role.
  • 2 – 5 yrs Project / Other
  • 2 – 5 yrs Leadership

Key Accountabilities: Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Design, build and maintain the architecture of the Knowledge Management System in SharePoint (currently iOCO KnowledgePoint and the Customer SharePoint site)
  • Management of security groups and access to information on the platforms under their control
  • Be the custodian of Data and Information management practices
  • Works with knowledge owners and stakeholders to ensure the proper classification, storage, security and sharing of knowledge assests
  • Advocate for positive change and the promotion of a knowledge culture
  • Enable effective end-to-end management capabilities in support of easy access to content repositories
  • Develop knowledge base resources in such a way that their use is intuative and logical and facilitated through easy navigation to the correct knowledge assets to promote their use.
  • Work with the various Business Units to promote the frequent updating of knowledge assets and new knowledge contributions.
  • Advise and oversee the continuous evolution of the use and structure of
  • KnowledgePoint in addition to other tool within Knowledge Management
  • Analysing the effectiveness of the managed Knowledge Repositories and platforms by observing and evaluating their usage and impact
  • Effectively monitor the evolution of authoritative content and close knowledge content gaps where possible
  • Monitor the knowledge repositories for unauthorised use and/or security violations
  • Maintain regular communications with knowledge stakeholders and uses to promote the effective use of the knowledge assets
  • Maintain technical expertise related to the design, management and support of the selected knowledge systems (currently Microsoft SharePoint) and any related management or productivity tools.
  • Evaluate new and evolving technologies which would have a positive benefit to the Knowledge Management function
  • Actively investigate and encourage/implement the use of automation and workflows drive efficiency and add value to the managed platforms
  • Create Workflows / Automations within SharePoint and associated Microsoft
  • Technologoes in order to enhance the functionality, efficiency and security of the Knowledge Platform.

Personality and Attributes: Innovative

  • Introduces new ideas that support the creation and development of new products, services, methods or procedures


  • Solves challenging problems through intuition and analytical thinking.


  • Ability to work together in a group, combine strengths, negate weaknesses, and contribute expertise to accomplish a shared objective.


  • A level of performance that uses the least amount of resources to achieve the highest level of output.


  • Demonstrates adaptability and works effectively in various situations with multiple people.
  • Understands and appreciates different and opposing perspectives and adapts approaches according to situational requirements.

Stakeholder engagemen

  • Builds relationships with, and delivers services to both internal and external customers, with a focus on their needs.

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