Position: Senior Software Developer
Location based: Johannesburg or East London (Happy to call and confirm)
Structure: Hybrid /Flexible working hours

You Bring:

  • At least 5-7 years’ experience within a development environment
  • 3-5 years SQL Experience,
  • 5 -7 years C# experience.
  • 5 -7 years .net core experience.
  • 5 -7 years restful api experience.
  • 1-2 years’ Experience in document stores such as Couchbase / Mongo would be advantageous
  • 1-2 years’ Experience in Message Brokers such as RabbitMQ / Kafka / Red Panda would be advantageous
  • Demonstrated leadership skills.
  • Detailed knowledge of the SDLC and management of software projects
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong attention to detail.

What You’ll Do:

  • Ensure design patterns used are increasing the organisational levels of high-volume transactional performance, resilience, automation and innovation;
  • Identify potential alternative strategies, and refactor approach for maximum benefit within the shortest possible time;
  • Deliver an appropriate solution which facilitates the accomplishments of specified tasks and objectives comprehensively, whilst excluding unnecessary steps;
  • Deliver a solution in which effective and efficient resource utilisation of system resources occurs during operation;
  • Deliver a solution which performs efficiently, can co-exist with other solutions, and does not have a detrimental impact on other solutions;
  • Deliver an interoperable solution which can exchange and use information between different solutions, not necessarily in the same environment;
  • Ensure the user of the system can comfortably recognise the systems flow, functions, and capabilities of the system;
  • Ensure the system logically supports user self-learning;
  • Ensure the solution is accessible, and can be used by people with a wide range of characteristics, capabilities, cultures, and languages;
  • Ensure the solution performs appropriately under agreed conditions for extended periods of time without the need for intervention (despite potential attacks);
  • Ensure all steps are taken to reduce the occurrence of faults due to misunderstood requirements, design errors, and implementation errors;
  • Ensure complete data recoverability, and the desired state of the solution can be re-established (despite potential attacks);
  • Ensure the solution is durable so that as user volumes and requirements change, the solution can evolve over the long term;
  • Ensure the solution simplifies support and maintenance, through traceability, and effective error messaging;
  • Ensure that over time, the solution becomes more mature;
  • Ensure the solution has high integrity, where the solution prevents unauthorised access, modification of computer programs, data or settings;
  • Ensure the solution has a high degree of survivability, despite 3rd-Party interventions (attacks, human errors, hardware or software faults);
  • Ensure modularity, where the solution consists of discrete components so that a change in one component has minimal impact on other components;
  • Where possible, provide a mechanism for the solution to analyse its own faults, and provide reports prior to a critical failure;
  • Develop the solution in a manner which supports modification for future developers, thereby reducing the number of defects, or the system quality being negatively affected;
  • Ensure the solution is delivered completely, and with the additional assets which are required to make installation/deployment as seamless, and as easy as possible;
  • Provide support to Dev Support when required during operational events, and create or assist with the creation of SOP’s;
  • Perform trouble shooting, and effectively resolve issues to increase solution stability, and reduce intervention required over time;
  • Make confident, timely, fact-based decisions drawing on a broad range of resources through collaboration with others;
  • Generate new ideas, and challenge the status quo, take risks, support change and encourage innovation.

Leave benefits (Study, Annual, Sports)
Financial: Performance bonus and year end
Group: Provident fund, Funeral cover, Legal assistance, Wealth support
Development: LinkedIn Learning, Pluralsight, Internal and External Bursary programmes
Social: Friday sundowners, Townhall, Access to tickets for major sporting events

Desired Skills:

  • C#
  • .Netcore
  • Asp.Net
  • MVC

About The Employer:

The Company We Keep:

At BET Software, we don’t just recruit talent, we cultivate it. Our learning and development programmes, our various opportunities for growth, and our well-deserved incentives are what keep our All-Star Team the best amongst the rest.

Employer & Job Benefits:

  • Study Assistance
  • Annual Bonus
  • Flexitime
  • Performance Bonus
  • Laptop
  • Provident Fund
  • Parking
  • Work From Home

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