Google has donated $1,4-billion towards combating the Covid-19 pandemic making it the largest donor for that cause, according to

“Google has been putting its words into action in the campaign against Covid-19. They have so far made 31 donations totaling $1,4-billion and have provided hours and hours of unpaid community support to the global Covid-19 response,” says’s Edith Reads. “They have focused their attention on regions whose resources can have the most impact. Their mitigations include economic relief, health and science, and distance learning.”
Economic help and restoration

Many people worldwide lost their jobs, and countless firms went out of business. The key targets were families that rely on food help programmes or that live from paycheck to paycheck, and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

The cash awards to Youth Business Intl, Opportunity Finance Network and Common Future were part of its significant commitment to helping SMBs access low-interest financing.

The Family Independence Initiative, GiveDirectly, and GiveIndia have received massive funding from Google. A total of 149 000 people, 64% of whom were women, received emergency monetary help from grantees in 2020.

Education support

Covid-19 saw millions of pupils absent from school at its height. There was a dramatic switch to virtual learning in response from parents, teachers, and school districts.

The tech giant offered a Distance Learning Fund to support institutions worldwide. Moreover, the funds helped teachers and parents access vital learning resources.

Google also improved international learning networks. For example, Khan Academy received grants to provide more Covid-19-specific tools for teachers and parents. The materials could serve a monthly audience of over 18-million learners.

Again Google donated to INCO to support charities in Europe and Asia. The support intends to help students at risk of intellectual disabilities.

Besides Google, Facebook, Cisco, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft also went out of their way to donate towards alleviating the ravages of the pandemic.