Microsoft Sites has increased its market share by 76% with its market share growing from 15,2% in January 2012 to 26,8% in January 2022, according to research by

The biggest loser from Microsoft Sites’ surge is Google Search Engine. Although its market dominance remains largely unchallenged, it has continued to lose ground. The search engine held 61,4% of the market share in January 2022. That’s a 7,25% plunge from its 66,2% holding at the same time 10 years ago.

What’s spurring Microsoft Sites’ growth?

Microsoft owes its rapid growth to many users believing it offers better results and more relevant information than Google. Again, it provides users with eight autocomplete suggestions while Google only does four.

Weighing in on the data,’s Edith Reads says: “Consumers are getting increasingly frustrated with how Google handles their data and its invasive ads targeting. In response, they’ve turned to sites like Bing as alternatives since they offer similar services, but don’t track them as closely or bombard them with ads.”
Better image and video searches
Other users hold that Microsoft Bing has the edge over Google because of its better image search. Besides, Bing’s image filtering feature gives users more comprehensive image search options.

The same situation holds true in the Bing video search option. Instead of tiny thumbnails, Microsoft’s search engine gives you larger ones. Plus, you can play them without having to open a different tab. Moreover, hovering over videos allows you to preview them.

There are several other small players apart from the big two. The most significant of these is Verizon Media that accounts for a market share of 11,4%. Ask Network, on its part, holds a small 0,7% market share.