You are required to have at least one year’s development experience and be able to demonstrate your experience-appropriate coding skills in C#. If you have less than one year’s experience, you need to demonstrate a high technical understanding of C# combined with above average problem-solving skills and past academic achievements.

We have a minimum qualification requirement of a one-year accredited course in C# programming or similar.

You will be placed on a 6-month training program during which time you will receive both hands on and guided training in:

  • System support training (to enable support of our users)
  • System back-office training allowing them (during the training period only) to run the system as if they were part of the back-office team
  • Candidates will receive both personal and guided training on:
  • MS SQL
  • Visual Studio with .NET and ASP.NET (Framework 4.8 and core 6.0)
  • Azure Dev Ops, Git and Resharper
  • HTML and CSS (refresher training)
  • C# (refresher training)
  • JavaScript and Typescript (refresher training)
  • NET Web Forms
  • Blazor WASM

The proportional time you will spend between the different work-categories for the first six months will transition evenly:

  • From month 1 – 70% backoffice and support work, 30% training
  • To month 6 – 70% development work, 20% support and 10% training

Support and training will always be part of a developer’s workload (but not to exceed the proportional time spent in month 6 of the training program).

It is our policy to onboard all junior programmers in this manner. We believe that the combination of system knowledge, training and refresher training produces the best long-term job satisfaction for you and the best results for our clients. We request that you carefully consider this before applying for the position.

Youi need to be both willing and able to handle the training load – tutor led training will take place after normal working hours and one full day every second weekend.

Technology stack summary:

  • UI
  • Blazor Web Assembly
  • NET Web Forms (Legacy)
  • Server
  • .NET 6.0 Web APIs
  • C# Libraries (a mixture of .NET 4.8 and 6)
  • Databases:
  • MS SQL
  • PostgreSQL

Applications: [Email Address Removed]

Desired Skills:

  • C#
  • .Net
  • C#.Net Development
  • Visual Studio

Desired Work Experience:

  • 1 to 2 years

Desired Qualification Level:

  • Certificate

About The Employer:

BizFrame is a well-established dynamic team with a 15-year track history in developing high quality solutions that work through the utilization of platform technology. Our clients require high powered and high calibre solutions that their employees will love using.

We are looking for junior developers that:

– Are driven and motivated.
– Have a strong work ethic.
– Have both the will and ability to learn.
– Are skilled in verbal and written communication.

Applications: [Email Address Removed]

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