Join our client’s team as a senior software developer. It will be your job to develop software based
on architectural, UX and UI design specifications and other acceptance criteria.
We believe that as a software developer, you add the most value when you are empowered
to provide input into the business case for the software as well as the UX and UI designs in
order to get to the most optimal solution. Your job is not just to deliver code.

? Deliver code according to a product backlog
? Agile software development
? Technical leadership of a small development team
? Provide input on UX and UI designs to optimise development efforts
? Give architectural advice where required
? Actively contribute to the entire team of product managers, UX practitioners, software
developers and QA analysts and engineers
? Continuous self-development and expansion of skills
? If you’re an intermediate: assist senior software developer to mentor junior team
? If you’re a senior: mentor junior team members
? Assist with software and product support
? Communicate technical needs and risks effectively outside of the team
? Be familiar with devops and infrastructure deployment
? Write effective documentation for architecture and infrastructure


? AngularJS. Other web frameworks (ReactJS etc) may also be applicable
? Flutter and Dart for mobile development. Android and iOS native development are
also appropriate
? API integration through HTTP. REST and REST-like interfaces.
? GraphQL integration
? Relational databases and SQL
? Other databases (time series, graph, document, key-value etc)
? Use cloud based infrastructure (AWS and Google). This includes compute and data
storage elements.
? Automated deployment infrastructure (Azure DevOps, CodeDeploy etc.)
And these equally important skills
? Communication skills that allow you to collaborate and explain your process,
approach and motivation to various stakeholders, including technical and
non-technical people.
? Able to work well in a team as well as individually.
? Excited about learning, pushing technical limits and finding new solutions
? Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
? A propensity to fail fast and learn fast and share both failure and learning with others.
? Prioritising learning over being right. Understanding others rather than becoming
? Understanding the value of the client as part of the team rather than “us & them”.

? Minimum 6 years of relevant software development experience

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