Skills to Succeed was launched in August 2021 in recognition of the need to skill South Africans to meet the needs of an increasingly digital economy.

The initiative is delivered by National Treasury Jobs Fund, Accenture South Africa, Naspers Labs, Salesforce and CapaCiTi. It aims to increase the number of certified Salesforce candidates from communities who were historically excluded from the digital economy.

The Salesforce Economy in South Africa could generate 5 240 Jobs and $2,1-billion in new business revenue from 2018 to 2024, according to the latest IDC White Paper Addendum. This is driving increased demand for Salesforce skills in the country, and helps to ensure that Skills to Succeed graduates can find jobs.

Last week, the second cohort of 50 young, certified South African graduates, was celebrated at a graduation ceremony hosted at the CapaCiTi campus in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

The programme is running over 12 months with 3 cohorts of 50 candidates each undergoing Salesforce certification and Superbadges. The programme includes work-based experience and physical application of learning, as well as communication, business confidence and work readiness skills before placing candidates in jobs. So far, the first and second cohorts have graduated with a 100% certification achievement on exams.

The Skills to Succeed programme is now being credited with certifying over 40% of the Salesforce App Builders in South Africa. This successful collaboration showcases the impact that well designed digital skills programmes can have on job creation and the digital economy.

“CapaCiTi is proud to partner with organisations who are tackling the digital skills gap in South Africa and putting youth at the heart of the solution. We have some incredibly talented young people in South Africa, who when given the right opportunity, support network and help in tackling the barriers they face, will exceed every expectation. I celebrate not only the phenomenal young people who have changed their futures today, but the forward thinking and passionate funders who are stepping up to make a change in partnership with CapaCiTi,” says Fiona Tabraham, chief executive of CapaCiTi.

Kuven Pillay, business group director at Accenture South Africa, says: “As a key stakeholder in this initiative, I was impressed by the constant collaboration and professionalism that CapaCiTi showed end to end from the recruitment through to the placement of these previously unemployed youth. We managed to place 100% of the candidates in the first cohort and have ensured they are all Salesforce certified as well. It has been a pleasure to work with CapaCiTi and the partners on these skills building drive for our country.”

Mapule Ncanywa, executive director at Naspers Labs, says: “We see collaboration as a key driver towards a common goal of solving unemployment in the country, and our partnership with CapaCiTi on the Skills to Succeed programme has been impactful. The dedication of the team in ensuring that 100% job absorption of the first and second cohort were achieved. We appreciate the dedication of the CapaCiTi team in ensuring that each learner is given full support throughout their journey. This is the kind of partnerships we attract, those that share our mission of opening economic opportunities for youth ultimately improving livelihoods.”

“CapaCiTi believes that the potential of young South Africans can be fully recognised with the right support. There is so much work that goes into getting something like this across the line, many struggles, many lows, and many tears, culminating in an achievement that truly inspires others. The young people in this cohort have shown exceptional tenacity and dedication. While individuals are receiving certification, they have succeeded together. We are incredibly proud of the team behind the superstars and grateful for the support of all partners involved, especially Salesforce, Naspers Labs, and Accenture. Every single one of these young people had to step up and fully embrace the opportunity and this is the result of them doing just that,” says Chanel Oldfield, operations executive at CapaCiTi.