The Built With Bitcoin Foundation, a humanitarian organisation powered by Bitcoin, has constructed two new schools in Port Elizabeth, thanks to the anonymous donation of 1 BTC.

The foundation creates equitable opportunity by providing clean water, access to quality education, sustainable farming, and humanitarian support.

The project was funded by a donor with strong roots in South Africa. After discovering the Built With Bitcoin Foundation earlier this year and speaking with Yusuf Nessary, Director of Philanthropy, the donor committed to donating 1 BTC towards building a school in Port Elizabeth. The donor wishes to remain anonymous to the public, but has worked closely with Yusuf Nessary during the process.

With the donation, the Built With Bitcoin Foundation has built a primary school, nursery school, three libraries, and three literacy and numeracy centres. The donation was also able to fund desks, chairs, stationary supplies, and books. Ten educators from the community were hired to work closely with the 720 students at the schools.

To date, the Foundation has built and repaired 10 schools (eight in Africa), seven solar projects, and over a dozen water and farming systems around the globe.

Ray Youssef, Executive Director of Built With Bitcoin, said, “Africa has a very special place in our heart as we built our very first school in Rwanda in 2017. Since then, we’ve built schools in Nigeria, Kenya, and El Salvador, serving thousands of students and community members, all through the power of Bitcoin. We are proud to complete our eighth school on the continent in South Africa and continue our mission of bringing education and support to the communities that need it most.”

Necessary adds: “Many of the children in the schools in Port Elizabeth fall well below the national averages for literacy and numeracy. This project is special because it provides all the structures and tools for the children to succeed. In addition, it provides jobs for community members that are trained through the Masinyusane Development Program, a non-profit organization dedicated to the upliftment and development of disadvantaged South Africans.

“We say this often, but at the Built With Bitcoin Foundation we don’t just build schools, we build communities. We are honoured to play a part in strengthening this community through our work and the generosity of our donors.