An exciting opportunity exists for a Solutions Architect to join in our team in Cape Town. This role is also open to Johannesburg applicants, with remote work a possibility.

Duties and Responsibilities (Include but is not limited to):

  • Create, maintain, communicate and report on vision and goals of software architecture in line with the business roadmap
  • Create, improve and document development related processes
  • Work with technical leads on major technical solutions and instil culture of collaboration on solutions
  • Partake in portfolio level planning and estimations
  • Provide guidance and work closely with teams implementing solutions
  • Code review critical parts of solutions that teams produce
  • Ensure consistent code quality across teams; code must adhere to standards
  • Ensure that code that is written is maintainable and flexible
  • Ensure automated test code coverage and implement necessary tools
  • Oversee systems to ensure that features are not duplicated and existing duplication is removed
  • Ensure there is sufficient documentation of the system for developers
  • Define coding standards and guidelines and communicate then to teams
  • Mentor technical leads on architecture and work with developers when implementing solutions
  • Instil a culture where there is no fear of making mistakes and where failures are seen as opportunities of learning.
  • Promote agile methodologies
  • Investigate and implement tools and processes that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the development cycle
  • Keep up to date with new technologies and best practices
  • Broaden your understanding of the current technologies
  • Evaluate and investigate software packages to use by creating proof of concepts
  • Help with the development of framework or scaffolding code, and assisting in resolving technical impediments for delivery teams
  • Maintain and take ownership of the technical debt backlog
  • Partake in assessing candidates in the recruitment process
  • Help resolve production emergencies
  • Being part of the team that rotates responsibility for being on call for weekend Support

Key Requirements:

  • +7 years experience as a software developer.
  • +2 years experience as a solutions / software architect.
  • Solid experience in PHP or .NET and AWS (preferable) or other cloud
  • Proficient in OOP, design patterns, and in using the right software design principles in solutions

Additional Skills:

  • Demonstrates knowledge of a broad range of primarily open source
  • Experience in communicating architecture visions, e. via diagrams and verbally.
  • A natural mentor-leader who knows how to elevate developers’
  • Understanding of how application architecture affects
  • Ability to design long-term maintainable and innovative
  • Excellent team-working, communication and interpersonal skills, capable of working with different departments within the organisation

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