Roles and Responsibilities: -Regularly performs volume and performance analysis and proactively communicate possible impacts to business

-Supports management with all necessary reports and planning models to facilitate the process of decision making

-Monitors actual activities and compare it to plan and make recommendations for immediate changes

-Staff the appropriate number of agents at the proper time based on recent/historical capacity drivers

-Ensures that pre-planned activities are being scheduled in advance and communicated effectively

-Ensures adherence to schedules and raises alerts in a timely manner in case of deviations

-Optimizes the schedules and makes real-time adjustments on breaks and lunches based on the actual staffing

-Executes skill change and reallocation requests and initiatives

-Provides recommendations in case of understaffing/overstaffing

-Act as first point of contact for any escalations, outages, system issues or any other production impacting situations

-Maintains confidentiality relative to the organizational strategies, objectives and practices

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