You will form part of the team that develops one of their healthcare products. The role entails full stack development and you will therefore be involved in the full life cycle of software development. You will contribute towards making the current platform more scalable and improving its system processes. In doing so, you will be making a positive difference in the lives of patients from over 3300 clinics.

Their products are hosted on their Helium Platform and comprise of RESTful API’s, web applications and cross-platform mobile applications that are written in JavaScript. The desktop/browser experience is developed in Helium’s own easy-to-learn language.

They are looking for an individual that is a great team player, problem-solver and quick learner. The ideal individual will be someone who is dependable and dedicated to their work and cares about making a true difference in Africa.

What you need

  • 8+ years’ of relevant development experience
  • Strong SQL experience, i.e. strong data processing skills (statistical analysis experience will be beneficial
  • Experience in Java
  • Passionate and dedicated team members
  • Flexibility – 3 remote work days with core hours being 10:00 – 15:00. They are output, not input focused.

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