Business buyers are increasingly choosing the Mini PC as the new standard for desktop computing – taking advantage of slimline, discreet designs that can be placed out of sight. In line with this trend, Fujitsu today introduces a new lineup of Esprimo Mini PCs perfect for a point of sale, reception desk and office desktop – small in footprint but packing a full-size punch when it comes to performance.

Fujitsu’s new Esprimo Mini PCs are compact, with a footprint as small as a hardback book. Whisper quiet in operation, the Esprimo Mini PC models can be mounted to the back of a display or tucked underneath a desk for a clutter-free aesthetic. A USB Type-C cable is all that is needed to power the PC and provide connectivity to a display such as the Fujitsu AiO Display P2410. To further reduce cable clutter, all Esprimo Mini PC models can be specified with Bluetooth for connecting peripherals such as keyboard and mouse.

The new Esprimo Mini PC range is ideal for environments where lots of peripherals are connected via USB, such as point of sale, and for power users of resource-intensive applications. All Esprimo Mini PCs in the new lineup start with a generous eight USB sockets and two display outputs, allowing the connection of up to four screens, and selected models can be specified with up to 10 USB ports.

There are eight new Fujitsu Esprimo Mini PC models in the range refresh, available with the latest Intel or AMD processors. Both deliver performance on a par with much larger desktop PC models. Thanks to such functionality and performance in a slimline housing, the Esprimo Mini PC lineup means PC buyers no longer need to choose between performance and convenience when upgrading.

Top of the range is the Esprimo G9012. This high-performance model with advanced functionality is available in an ultra-compact casing with a volume of just 0.87 liters. A slightly larger unit is perfect for users who want an optical drive (1.23 liters). The ‘large top cover’ model adds a PCIe slot – allowing the connection of peripheral devices – and features a built-in power supply but still has a total volume of just 1.85 liters.

Also new to the range is the Esprimo G7012A, the first Fujitsu Mini PC to feature an AMD processor. Thanks to the latest AMD Ryzen PRO processor and embedded AMD Radeon graphics, this delivers an impressive price-performance ratio. The Esprimo G7012A features a USB Type-C connection, allowing the connection of a display and all peripherals via a single cable.

Christian Leutner, vice-president, head of European platform business at Fujitsu, comments: “We see significant interest in Mini PCs for various use cases from home to office, to commercial use in environments such as retail. The latest function rich ESPRIMO Mini PCs mean extreme portability, flexibility, scalability, and convenience. We’ve squeezed in masses of functionality, boosted performance, and increased IO despite the tiny casing, making the Mini PC a mainstream choice.”

Fujitsu is also introducing a new high-performance Fujitsu Celsius W5012 workstation, designed for engineers and creative professionals needing a powerful and expandable machine with an excellent price-performance ratio. The latest 12th Generation Intel Core processors provide enhanced performance to handle even the most demanding workloads.

This new workstation, featuring DDR5 memory, delivers tremendous performance to effortlessly handle demanding applications including 3D modelling, as well as toughened components designed for continuous 24-hour operation.

Additionally, it includes best-in-class connectivity options, like Intel Thunderbolt 4 and advanced graphics card support. I/O has been boosted, with four display ports and up to 11 USB ports.

Fujitsu offers a build-to-order option for select Esprimo and Celsius models for organisations with special PC requirements.