Summary (Short description of the Job) Full stack developer driving the implementation, build, testing and roll out of development features of a technology platform-as-a-service solution within the PropTech industry. This includes both web & mobile platforms with close interaction across the front, mid and backend layer. Purpose (Core objectives/ outcomes) Develop and implement frontend, mid and backend layer as per feature designs and specifications. This process is to be executed in close consultation with Senior Full-stack developer, senior architect, UI/UX designer, front end developers, marketing manager, business analyst, testers and other business stakeholders. Scope (Indication of size & level of the job – interfaces, number of people, geographical responsibility, budget etc.)

The candidate will be required to develop the frontend of the platform-as-a-service solution, which will include:

Working within an agile scrum environment

Development of frontend webapp (desktop and mobile)

Development of API’s

Development and administration of back-end databases

Developing user centric and intuitive interactions

Work in multidisciplinary team with other professionals such as development lead, other senior developers, testers, UI/UX designers and business analysts

Build and present mock-ups and prototypes where required

Obtain and work with high quality web assets provided in the UI/UX designs

Ensure brand guidelines are applied consistently throughout

Assist to incorporate feedback from users and customers to form to ensure a user centric platform

Functional and technical testing, acceptance and release of the system


This Well Know Company is a platform that enables brands to take their products into premium retail locations with nontraditional leasing options that are flexible and can scale with their business as it grows by removing barriers to entry. Despite everything moving online, customers still want to experience products in the real-world, which is why creating authentic and meaningful experiences in a physical space is becoming increasingly important. We believe that retail space offers great opportunities for brands to tell their stories authentically and personally connect with their customers. The service includes flexible dynamic leasing options and rentable modular shopfitting, removing the risk of long term leases and large capital outlays upfront.

Minimum Requirements

Degree in Computer Science / Multimedia – Honours in Computer Science/ Multimedia

Educational – Degree in Computer Science / Multimedia – Honours in Computer Science/ Multimedia

Infrastructure: – Azure, running: âû€“ª Kubernetes âû€“ª Docker âû€“ª Container Registry âû€“ª Azure pipelines and Releases for Automated build and release CI âû€“ª Azure SQL âû€“ª Azure DevOps and GIT APIs – Java 17 with spring framework (boot, rest, web, data, security, scheduler) – Hazelcast caching 4 DB: – Azure SQL – Azure Blob storage Web: Angular with Angular Material UI

Functional/ Technical Competencies (Knowledge & Skills)

System Development Management and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) management tools incl.

  • DevOps, JIRA, TFS – Current awareness and knowledge of relevant technologies and industry trends

Modern Application Architecture design, incl.

  • Microservices, Hexagonal Layers, Domain Driven Design etc. – Programming Languages
  • Front end languages & libraries incl.
  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript SCSS

Server side:

  • Java, Node


  • npm, webpack, maven, groovy


  • Angular
  • Springboot/ Spring framework (Spring Data, Spring Web etc)
  • Material/Bootstrap
  • Android SDK
  • OS development – Systems Integration
  • Workflow design
  • Integration points and requirements definition
  • Development of integration scripts
  • Integration testing & validation
  • REST framework – Database development & administration
  • MSSQL/Azure SQL – Source Control Tools incl. GIT Experience using test frameworks and unit tests like Jasmine, Protractor, Selenium, Istanbul, Cucumber – Development environment
  • Working within integrated task and source tools (JIRA, DevOps, GitLabs)
  • Containerized/Cloud environments (working on a project that runs in Docker, Kubernetes, Azure/AWS etc)

Key Responsibilities (Key Performance Areas and main duties) – End-to-end System and Application development, incl.

  • Advocate for Agile based development
  • Database development, administration, security and maintenance
  • Front- and back-end development (Core application functionality)
  • 3 rd Party solution identification, assessment & selection where required (Non-core functionality)
  • Application integration where necessary
  • Application testing for security, functionality, performance and reliability (Internal & UAT)
  • Manage system deployment / publishing
  • Manage system maintenance & support (Bug fixes, end-user support, proposed features and enhancements on application performance and functionality)
  • Ensure always up to date and accurate source control
  • Ensure automated testing is leveraged
  • Collaborate with team lead to ensure timely development of elements to adhere to project dependencies and deadlines

Identify System Specification, incl. functional & non-functional requirements

  • Collaborate with UI/UX designer to implement UI based on design specs
  • Collaborate with brand and marketing specialists to delivery optimal user experience Internal Company Capability Improvement Initiatives
  • Engage in proactive and constructive project team participation with a focus on value delivery and customer satisfaction,
  • Proactively identify and promote internal opportunities for the company value enhancement.
  • Proactively develop and deliver improvement initiatives in own sphere of work, interest and skill-sets that can be delivered within the constraints of normal operating budget and operational time constraints.
  • Participate and where relevant lead approved company capability enhancement initiatives. Training and Development
  • Plan and promote own skill and career development opportunities in-line with company business priorities.

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