Qualification/s & Certification/s:

– Certificate in .Net development

– Degree or National Diploma or proven experience

What are the key/ critical tasks that the candidate will be involved in on a regular basis? (Assess the challenges/ pain that the business has/ projects the candidate will work on/ GET THE TRUE SPEC etc.)

  1. Support & Maintenance
  2. Development
  3. Unit testing
  4. Deployments
  5. Full accountability of deliverables end-to-end – managing all stakeholders and impacts
  6. Align to coding and design standards.
  7. Submit code for Code Quality reviews
  8. Quality Assurance support
  9. Feedback on progress to Scrum Master / project manager
  10. Timesheet capture
  11. Self-management of capacity and deliverables in alignment with Sprint planning / chosen methodology
  12. Stand-by, Support and Maintenance of systems

    Technical Knowledge as per profile

    1. .Net / Web APIs
    2. SQL server
    3. Understanding of MQ, Topics, XML, XSD, Swagger
    4. JavaScript
    5. Angular
    6. HTML & CSS
    7. MVC

Desired Skills:

  • MFC
  • Analyst
  • Programmer

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