A new study from Juniper Research has found that global spend on identity and access management solutions will rise from $16-billion in 2022 to $26-billion by 2027; representing an absolute growth of 62% over the next five years.

Identity and access management includes B2B security solutions that enable the monitoring and management of users’ access to an enterprise’s applications, databases and IT services.

The the increasing demand for identity and access management will originate from small businesses which, until the proliferation of the subscription model, were often unable to afford comprehensive suites of identity & access management services.

The new research found that 94% of global identity and access management spend will be attributable to the subscription model by 2027; rising from 60% in 2022.

It anticipates that the use of the subscription model will become increasingly popular amongst small businesses, by minimising the initial acquisition cost of identity and access management services.

Additionally, the subscription model will enable service vendors to provide regular software updates that continually improve the value proposition of their platforms.

The research found that annual spend on identity and access management solutions by small businesses via subscription models will surpass $370 million globally by 2027, up from $178-million in 2022.

In turn, identity and access management vendors must capitalise on this growth by developing flexible pricing models that appeal to the small business sector.

In addition, as enterprise adoption of cloud computing infrastructure increases, so too will the demand for effective cybersecurity policies to prevent revenue losses.

The report anticipates that identity and access management solutions will represent a significant cornerstone of corporate cybersecurity initiatives, as firms seek to meet increasingly stringent regulatory compliances; driving market growth.