RocketNet is partnering with Zoom Fibre to roll out high-speed fibre internet in Saldanha Bay as the city lays the foundations for its smart city vision.

The Saldanha Bay Municipality put out to tender requesting proposals for laying the cable needed for fibre internet in Saldanha Bay. Amoeba TSC won the tender in 2020 and selected Zoom Fibre as their implementation partner and funder. The fibre internet will be the backbone on which the Municipality will build their smart city infrastructure.

Smart city technology is a growing global trend that is catching fire in South Africa. Simon Swanepoel, CEO of RocketNet says: “Smart city infrastructure creates opportunities for citizens within their cities. Cities improve efficiency in managing resources using insightful data captured from IoT devices. Data is analysed to prioritise a city’s repair and maintenance to manage traffic flow better and create greener living spaces. Fibre internet is the power that drives this infrastructure, and we are excited to be part of this journey.”

RocketNet is one of the ISPs on Zoom Fibre’s network and working closely with the FNO to add value by building sustainable solutions for the fibre internet system. These solutions include free 1Gbps fibre internet for qualifying schools sponsored by Zoom Fibre and ISP partners like RocketNet.

“Zoom Fibre is a people-first, rapidly growing fixed network operator striving to make a meaningful difference in society by driving affordable and agile digital inclusion across all sectors of society,” says Zoom Fibre CEO, Mo Manjra.

“Alongside our existing partners, Amoeba TSC and the Saldanha Bay Municipality, and ISP partners such as RocketNet, we are committed to the Baobab project, which exists to ensure that every citizen has access to high-speed connectivity which will support improved access to services and new technologies creating a smart city for the benefit of all residents within the municipality.”

Furthermore, every home in the Saldanha Bay Municipality will receive an ONT linked to their utility meters enabling residents to monitor usage via a Digital Citizens app. The app, developed by Amoeba TSC, went live on 1 July 2022. These value-added services allow any resident in the municipality to order fibre services regardless of location or income and at a time that suits them. When ready, they plug in and play.