Department: Academic Department

Reporting to: FACULTY HEAD: Information Technology

Job Summary: To be responsible for and provide professional leadership and management for the Academic Department; to secure high-quality teaching, effective use of resources, and improved standards of learning and achievement for all students

Duties and Responsibilities Academic Role:

Module and Programme Content:

  1. Manage quality assurance of allocated Programme and associated modules.
  2. Ensure the quality of learning material.
  3. Submit learning material to Faculty Head for quality assurance.
  4. Upload quality assured learning material to the relevant learning management system(s).
  5. QA and/or facilitate the moderation of the subject matter in the field of expertise and/or related allocated fields.
  6. Develop or facilitate the design of the facilitation instructions according to the unique needs of the education clients.
  7. Apply and monitor the application of the applicable Quality Assurance Body and the assessment requirements in the field of the Programme.
  8. Provide advice on possible improvements to facilitators and keep the Head of the Department updated.
  9. Investigate research, suggest, and apply new trends, products, and technologies relevant to the allocated phase(s) of education in accordance with budget and current business strategy.
  10. Innovate and suggest new teaching models that will address the future needs of education, such as increased independent learning and critical thinking.
  11. Manage learning support and support systems in subject field (determine the scope of support and if support would require more than an hour(s)

Academic Role: Examiner and Quality Assurance:

  1. Manage quality assurance of assessment of allocated programme and associated modules.
  2. Ensure the quality of assessments as well as alignment of assessments to Unit standards. 3. Submit all assessments to Faculty Head for quality assurance. Upload assessments to relevant learning management system (s)
  3. QA or facilitate the moderation of assessment tasks in field of expertise and/or related allocated fields.
  4. Develop or facilitate the design of the assessment instructions and guidelines according to the unique needs of the education clients.
  5. Apply and monitor the application and the assessment requirements of the applicable Quality Assurance Body in the assessment tasks.
  6. Ensure that assessment tasks represent the required standard levels (e.g., Blooms & Barrets).
  7. Set assessments in field of expertise or facilitate the development of assessment activities and the marking guidelines / memoranda / rubrics
  8. Interact, communicate with, and render assistance to student where reasonable (can be done in collaboration with COM).
  9. Interact with the Faculty Head and the rest of the management team in providing appropriate feedback where necessary.
  10. Undergo training and professional development.

Leadership and Administration:

  1. Development and upgrading of products.
  2. Development of assessments.
  3. Work distribution and equalisation of workloads.
  4. Feedback and meetings arrangements
    5.Goal setting and monitoring of goal achievements.
  5. Identification of risks.
  6. Work pace identification.
  7. Other task allocations and requirements setting.
  8. Improvement strategies (products, assessments) and approaches.
  9. Quality measures.
  10. Setting of internal deadlines in accordance with business deadlines.
  11. Organize training and spearhead initiatives to advance the subject area.
  12. Resolve staff conflict and apply staff discipline in conjunction with Campus Operation Manager (COM). Reference to Head of Department takes place when conflict becomes destructive and hampers performance.

Marketing and Brand building:

  1. Be involved in marketing of products and academic services of CTU on a limited scale where necessary.
  2. Build relationships with external stakeholders and parties of interest

Academic Management

  1. Ensure implementation of programme guidelines of Accreditation bodies, all addenda, as well as other relevant academic standards and requirements.
  2. Effectively communicate all information and documents to lecturing staff.
  3. Facilitate, manage, and monitor the implementation of the programme.
  4. Manage and monitor the timely delivery of facilitators’ work.
  5. Manage and monitor the quality of s facilitator’s work.
  6. Attend organizational meetings (where required).
  7. Manage the day-to-day tasks, i.e., e-mails, telephonic requests, and subject forums.
  8. Interact with the rest of the business to report and inform on relevant issues.
  9. Manage and communicate risks that need to be addressed to Head Office (Faculty Head).
  10. Assist in identifying and appointing qualified, competent facilitators.
  11. Drive and manage projects where necessary


  1. Fostering the pre-eminent role of research in the faculty and enhancing the capacity for outstanding research across all represented programmes.
  2. A minimum of 2 research outputs is to be produced annually in coordination with the HOPs and lecturers at the institute.

Experience, Qualifications and CompetenciesQualifications:

  • Honours or Master’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or any relevant field.
  • A Ph.D. degree and/or industry certifications may be an added advantage

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Essential Competencies

? Detail orientated
? Follow through
? Accurate
? Deadline driven
? Leadership qualities

Important Competencies

  • Adaptable to change
  • Conflict management skills

Computer literacy (essential):

  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • MS Outlook
  • Internet services

Credentials and Experience:

  • At least 3 years of teaching experience in IT Technical Support/Cloud Solutions

Special Requirements for completing the job:

  • Knowledge of SAQA and related Acts
  • Knowledge of ETQAs and their processes
  • Knowledge of US and courses we are registered for
  • Subject knowledge
  • Understanding of the requirements of the various phases,
  • Experience of assessment in fields of study
  • Knowledge in QCTO and their processes
  • Knowledge in HE and curriculum developmen

Desired Skills:

  • IT
  • Cloud Solutions
  • IT Technical Support
  • Education
  • Curriculum structure

Desired Work Experience:

  • 2 to 5 years

Desired Qualification Level:

  • Honours

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