Our Client based in the Johannesburg area is seeking an Integration Specialist to join their team.


  • The Integration Analyst finalizes the service model for a SOAP or REST service by editing technical interface artefacts such as WSDLs, XSDs, JSON Schemas and Swaggers.
  • The Integration Analyst must be experienced in understanding an outline functional design of a service to meet its information requirements, such as physical, field-level input and output data requirements.
  • Applies fundamental concepts, goals and requirements associated with SOA and service-orientation to conceptualize and define service contracts and service governance impacts

Key Skills (Technologies, systems or software knowledge etc.):

  • Coding background in either Java or .NET with an understanding of the intricacies of primitive and complex variable types, such as date and time formats
  • Experience in reading and editing XML Schema Definition (XSD) and JSON Schema files
  • Experience in reading and editing WSDL and Swagger files
  • Experienced in analysing interface requirements and designing internally and externally exposed / client facing REST APIs (2+ years) and SOAP services.
  • Managing swagger definitions, WSDLs and XSDs.
  • Working with JSON-based and XML-based payloads.
  • Implementing HTTP REST and SOAP standards.

Desired Skills:

  • Integration
  • Analyst
  • .net

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