LOCATION Sandton, Illovo


CLOSING DATE 25 July 2022

SALARY R1 000 000 Per Annum.

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The role is required to assist in the development of a security architecture capability that will continue to mature to address the complex security problems in systems,people and processes including those that emerge in digital business [URL Removed] incorporates planning and designing Company’s processes, Information and Technology components to interact harmoniously while aligned with business requirements to maintain a state of “managed-security-related risk”. Agility in learning core skills and emerging skills based on unique circumstances within the organisation. The Enterprise Security Architect will supervise third-party service providers and internal security teams.


  • Bachelors Degree / National Diploma in IT or equivalent IT related Degree or Diploma.


  • Cybersecurity certification: ISO 27001, CRISC, CISSP & CEH highly recommended.


  • Minimum of 8 years Cybersecurity related experience.

  • Experience in security architecture methodologies, tools and enablers.

  • Hands-on experience with implementation and monitoring of various IT Security solutions.

  • Excellent understanding of IT operational processes and controls including projects deployment.

  • Excellent understanding of regulatory requirements facing the IT environment(PCI DSS, POPIA, GDPR).

  • Must be persuasive and be able to communicate cybersecurity related concepts to a broad range of technical and non-technical staff.

  • Be able to map business needs to technology solutions.

  • Solid understanding of security risks and preventative controls.

  • Understand IaaS/PaaS/SaaS security deployments; native cloud security tools;CASB/CSPM/CWPP capabilities.


  • Security Frameworks, Standards and Best Practices:
  • ISO 27001 and ISAE 3402 SOC 2
  • NIST SP 800-53
  • CIS or DISA benchmarks
  • Microsoft Cloud Adoption framework
  • Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architecture
  • Familiar with security architecture methodologies and frameworks (e.g. SABSA,TOGAF E-OSA0
  • Experienced in multiple domains of cybersecurity.
  • Be open-minded to new ways of doing things
  • Experience in the development and usage of Technology Patterns / Models toachieve business outcomes.
  • Recognised subject matter expert


Architecture and strategy:

  • Understand how business architecture shapes and defines the technical securityarchitecture.
  • Improve the security methods and practices that influence the architecture and design of Company processes and technology deployments.
  • Risk Management- master data centric risk management and data flow maps, ongoing assessments on company environments (both on-prem and cloudbased) to ensure risk is mitigated effectively.
  • Security Architecture Methods-be familiar with security architecture methodologies and frameworks (e.g. SABSA, TOGAF E-OSA, NIST CSF).
  • Security Frameworks, Standards & Best Practices.
  • Understand necessary interactions across both formal activities and more informal


  • Influence how the business will adopt security.
  • Use business relationship management to interact and work with relevant stakeholders to ensure that their needs are addressed by the security architecture.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Relationship Management.
  • Political Navigation.

Privacy Advocacy:

  • Be aware of and having a data inventory of all private data stored in company systems.
  • Know what data protection mechanism have been deployed to protect private data.
  • Know expectations set by compliance and risk teams for the processing and storage of private data.
  • Know legal limitations placed on data in cloud such as residency and sovereignty limitations.
  • Understand how privacy is handled by contractual arrangements with service providers.


  • Understanding of a broad technological security architecture.
  • Identity and Access Management including ecommerce systems.
  • Privileged Access Management.
  • Network and processes design.

  • Secure application development.

  • Standards and security baselines configurations.
  • Data Protection initiatives including cloud applications and infrastructure.
  • Matured understanding of Cryptography.
  • Tech Security Deployments.


  • Improve technologies that influence how IT operates in a secure manner.
  • Mature understanding of Infrastructure tools.
  • Monitoring & Compliance Tools.
  • Network security services including Security Operations activities.
  • Cloud Security management and controls implementation.
  • Physical security technology.
  • Assuring protection of types of business information.
  • Assuring integrity of business processes.
  • Protecting communications and information flow within the business.
  • Ability to meet regulatory and legal obligations.

Service Delivery:

  • Provide third line support to users with any Information Security related queries within the SLA time frame.
  • Overseeing and providing advanced support on open issues (e.g. customer logged tickets, incidents, projects etc.).
  • Assist in incident response for any breaches, intrusions, or theft.
  • Coach and guide team members regarding security activities.
  • Assist the end-user, and IT in requesting security variances and implementation of subsequent configuration change requests.


  • Recommend best security practices to achieve business objectives, advises onrisk assumptions for any variances granted, and provides alternatives to achieve desired end results.
  • Research, identify and recommend improvement to capabilities and maturity of threat and vulnerability management strategy, policy, standards, processes,procedures and tools in order to deliver value to the business.
  • Maintain system documentation and configuration data for regulatory and audit purposes.
  • Assist in the management and optimisation of Security Operations Centre for detection, prevention protection and response on cyberattacks.

Attributes / Values

  • Successful leader traits
  • Problem solving skills with the ability to interpret and analyse data
  • Ability to explore and learn new technology and processes
  • Have emotional resilience
  • Be able to manage relationships
  • Be able to handle conflict
  • Take initiatives in solving problems
  • Embrace diversity and collaboration.

Update your CV in detail and send to ATTENTION: SHASHI PREMRAJ Ref shashi@mployglobal

For email address WHATSAPP CALL AND MESSAGES ONLY to the Cell phone number listed in the REF above.

Desired Skills:

  • CISSP & CEH highly recommended.
  • Security Frameworks Standards and Best Practices
  • ISO 27001 and ISAE 3402 SOC 2
  • Familiar with security architecture methodologies and frameworks (e.g. SABSATOGAF E-OSA0
  • Cybersecurity certification: ISO 27001 CRISC CISSP & CEH

Desired Work Experience:

  • More than 10 years

Desired Qualification Level:

  • Degree

About The Employer:

Update your CV in detail and send to ATTENTION: SHASHI PREMRAJ Ref shashi@mployglobal

For email address WHATSAPP CALL AND MESSAGES ONLY to the Cell phone number listed in the REF above.

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