LG Electronics is partnering with The Society of Air-conditioning and Refrigerating Engineers of Korea (SAREK) to bring this year’s HVAC Design Award to life.

The HVAC Design Award is a competitive platform that invites companies, designers, and consultants in the industry to compete on a global scale and showcase their innovative ideas. This year, the competition extends to Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

The award also gives contestants – of all experience levels – an opportunity to access HVAC related clients and showcase their work.

“The award provides an impressive platform for HVAC designers, consultants, and companies to express the value of optimised and efficient HVAC design. At the end of the day, these designs should understand the needs and pain points of the end user business, suggest appropriate solutions that add value through distinctive quantitative benefits, and ultimately realise satisfaction to HVAC customers,” explains Team Leader of HVAC Engineering Sales at LG, Prabhjeet Singh Channa.


How to enter and prizes

The entry process promises to be seamless and invites teams to register for entry by 31 July via the HVAC Design Award website. Thereafter projects will be submitted, and the first evaluation will take place on 16 September 2022 on a national level. Regional evaluation will follow on 30 September 2022 and the announcement of the winning team will be made in October 2022.

All participants will be awarded small products from LG Electronics, and winners will be awarded LG Electronics home appliances according to their rankings and countries. Travel vouchers will also be up for grabs for winning teams.

Winning teams will be eligible for gold, silver, and bronze awards, which range in prize earnings. The gold winning team will receive $30,000 (about R500 000) in LG products or vouchers, the 4 silver winning teams will receive $3,000 (about R50 000) in LG products or vouchers, and the 9 bronze winning teams will receive $1,500 (about R25 000) in LG products or vouchers.

“It’s an incredible opportunity for HVAC innovators to showcase their skills on a global platform,” continued Mr Channa. “The people of this continent have the potential to change the way we view HVAC systems in our homes, offices, hotels and hospitals – locally and across borders. I urge all industry pioneers to submit their proposals and showcase their ideas so we can continue to increase customer satisfaction further and faster, making Life Good for all.”