• Working against a daily Kanban where integration tasks are distributed.
  • Planning, executing and managing the integration of new applications into the existing system throughout the enterprise.

Skills / Experience:

  • Excellent analytical and research skills.
  • Must also be in touch with the current technologies.
  • Application Automation Skills:
    • Application integration, APIs, and Web Services.
    • Experience with application integration platforms (Apigee, MuleSoft, etc.).
    • Network communications, Load Balancers and Security.
    • Linux sysadmin knowledge and scripting skills (Bash, python, etc.).
    • Java / JEE, .Net Programming and frameworks.
    • Architectures & protocols such as REST, XML, FTP, WSDL and SOAP.
    • Secure transmissions, digital certification.
    • Data architecture and application architecture.
    • Oracle knowledge particularly database server expertise.
  • DevOps Deployment Automation Skills:
    • GitHub | Python / Ansible | Infrastructure as code (Terraform).
    • Cloud services and cloud infrastructure experience (preferably on AWS).
    • Advanced AWS security and networking e.g., Direct Connect and F5.
    • CI/CD tools (CloudBees, Jenkins, Nexus).
    • Oracle dB knowledge, including tools such as Liquibase.
    • Software development experience (language agnostic, although Java background is useful).
    • Linux sysadmin knowledge and scripting skills (Bash, Python, etc.).

Desired Skills:

  • Integration
  • APIs
  • Configuration

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