An International Mining Company has a contract vacancy for a Project analyst for a 12 month contract.

The purpose of Global Information Management (IM) is to enable the delivery of business processes, communication, collaboration and knowledge management through the deployment, support and maintenance of enterprise technology, infrastructure, applications and mine technical systems.

To support the efforts of the regional project management office by tracking project performance against timelines, cost and quality indicators while overseeing projects valued at less than R100k

An undergraduate qualification (Bachelors degree or equivalent) in the relevant IM Discipline.
Desirable: It would be advantageous to have a postgraduate qualification in the relevant IM discipline OR a proven track record of extensive practical experience in a role and context of similar complexity
Prince2 Foundation Certificate
Role-specific knowledge:

‘- the specific IM field, controls and risk mitigation

  • proficiency in required LATAM roles will require proficiency in Portuguese or Spanish
  • the Region IM objectives and outputs

Provides a consistent outstanding role model in relation to safety practices with a deep understanding of the importance of safety

  • Ensure the accuracy and data integrity of project related information
  • Maintain effective systems that capture and retain project related information and data
  • Consolidate project related data into a suite of reports for the purpose of project tracking and stakeholder engagement using relevant tools
  • Extract SAP reports on the project financial data
  • Compile monthly Cashflow Forecasts
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to complete monthly project status reports and highlight any significant project issues
  • Manage support requests for PPM Tool
  • Track the governance compliance of projects

Evidence of ability to complete work of 1 complexity.

This work involves practical judgement based on knowledge and experience of learned routines. It involves real-time problem-solving, as a sequence of steps whereby an individual continues along a known pathway until an obstacle is perceived, then uses practical judgement to overcome it.

Consistently displays a positive and engaged manner
Motivated, consistently works to best of ability to meet performance criteria Strives to do things significantly better

Ability to:

  • understand required portfolio outputs and how own work contributes
  • make recommendations on how to improve required work outputs
  • problem-solve as a sequence of task steps
  • comply with policy and work frameworks

Ability to:

  • manage self
  • communciate with team members and stakeholders in an effective manner
  • plan and organise own work and any impact on others

Desired Skills:

  • Prince 2
  • Extract SAP reports on the project financial data
  • Compile monthly Cashflow Forecasts

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