• Communication with growers, industry and value chain stakeholders to help define data requirements aligned to key performance indications of developmental and transformational programmes, initiatives, and projects: production / operational / managerial / financial metrics within the citrus industry as a whole (it is important to understand how to drive transformation agenda in-line with commercial practices)
  • Develop efficient and effective data processes and structures to support accurate and credible monitoring and evaluation across multiple programs, initiatives, and projects
  • Work closely with regional office staff to support producers and value chain partners in understanding data requirements and the benefit of providing accurate data for monitoring and evaluation
  • Accountability to ensure data schedules are defined and adhered to
  • Facilitate discussions regarding data collection requirements and updates, verify data submissions, manage data gaps, collate data sources into the required format for integration into Monitoring & Evaluation tools
  • Extract and aid in the development of programme and project performance reports from the Monitoring & Evaluation tool to provide informed feedback to industry and value chain stakeholders
  • Suggest, design, organize and facilitate lesson learning processes and advise on best possible method of utilization of generated information (workshops, meetings and other events) aiming at capitalizing on the knowledge used or generated by the CGAGDC initiatives. Provide a continuous technical input into the implementation of the above information and knowledge management system.

Desired Skills:

  • Records management
  • Data protection
  • Statistical Data

Desired Work Experience:

  • 2 to 5 years

Desired Qualification Level:

  • Degree

About The Employer:

The Citrus Grower Development Company (CGA-GDC) was established following several initiatives by the Citrus Growers Association (CGA) to address the challenges and needs of black citrus growers that extended beyond training, capacity building and access to technical support services. The Grower Development Company is a special purpose vehicle (non-profit company) that drives transformation within the citrus industry in collaboration with the Citrus Growers Association and related companies and organisations such as the Citrus Academy, the CGA Cultivar Company, River Bioscience and the Citrus Research Trust. Its core purpose is to provide Black Growers with development support to ensure that their enterprises become profitable and financially sustainable.

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