• Establish status of current tasks being worked on.
  • Scrum process: Implement SCRUM and its events according to the Scrum Guide.
  • Focusses on the process not on the deliverables.
  • Schedule and facilitate Scrum events stating objectives and ensuring outcomes are achieved.
  • Communicate outcomes of Scrum Events to relevant parties to achieve transparency.
  • Assist with impediment resolution.
  • Guide and nurture the Product Owner.
  • Scrum team: Establishment of a cross functional team. Conduct Scrum Team initiation workshops with associated training.
  • Foster team morale.
  • Protect the team from interruptions and disruptions.


  • Relevant tertiary qualification.
  • PSM I or II, CSM, CSP.

Skills / Experience:

  • Solid Agile implementation experience.
  • Experience in change management.
  • Experience in the use of conflict management techniques (Nonviolent Communication by Rosenberg) and negotiation skills.
  • Background in Industrial and Organisational Psychology would be a bonus.
  • Must be a servant leader and have an attitude of self-empowerment – lead the team to self-organisation.
  • Encourages experimentation – safe to fail.
  • Excellent facilitator – leading and demonstrating to the team, the value of adopting agile values and principles (tends to lead the group without realising).
  • Ability to establish trust and respect within the team.
  • Understands and facilitates the need for Transparency and Predictability.
  • Great communication skills.
  • Understanding of Team Development Stages – Tuckman’s model.
  • Situationally aware of the current environment.
  • Broad understanding of the Software Development process which includes understanding IT terminology.
  • Continual self-improvement – growing your craft; blogs; scrum user groups/forums/gatherings; on-going professional development.

Desired Skills:

  • Scrum Master
  • Agile
  • Scrum

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