PwC Africa has announces the election of Anastacia Tshesane as the firm’s new Africa Governance Board chairman.

Tshesane is the first female partner to be elected by her peers on the Africa Governance Board to assume the prestigious position. Her new role came into effect on 1 July 2022.

PwC Africa CEO, Dion Shango, says: “We are thrilled at Anastacia’s election as Chairman of the PwC Africa Governance Board. Her skill sets, experience and values will stand her in good stead and equip her to be successful as Chairman of our Africa Governance Board. She has a great vision and understanding of the business, which is why we are confident she will provide the required governance oversight to enable the firm to operate on a path of trust and integrity, and make a meaningful contribution to society at large.”

With almost two decades of experience within PwC, Tshesane has seen various cycles of change and is confident about what resonates best with our clients and our people.

Having held a number of leadership roles that focused on our people, Transformation, Diversity and Inclusion, and other aspects of our strategic responsibilities, Tshesane’s exposure has prepared her well for the role as chairman of the PwC Africa Governance Board.

“My previous roles have taught me to consider real diversity from a multi-disciplinary perspective and it is clear to me that diverse backgrounds, views and considerations enhance the strength and impact of our Governance Board,” she says.

Good governance, aligned to PwC’s New Equation strategy, will be a key focus for Tshesane. “At PwC, good governance is about ensuring processes around how our people, values, and culture come together to help us achieve our purpose and provide services to our clients,” she says.

“Delivering on quality and trust is also a consequence of good governance and I believe that as our community of solvers reinvent themselves for the world of The New Equation with different skill sets, strategies and relationships, my role and that of the Governance Board in overseeing the development and execution of our strategy, quality standards and expectations, is essential.”

In addition to her new role, Tshesane will continue providing assurance expertise to her portfolio of listed clients.