For employees to perform at their best, organisations need to provide them with powerful IT infrastructure and workforce technology. As a digitally advanced organisation in the 21st Century, Dell Technologies aims to assist companies to bridge the gap between current infrastructure and future investments.

Dell Technologies designed their Enterprise Solutions portfolio with a scalable solution-orientated approach, which is shaped by their cost-optimisation strategy. Offering enterprise solutions for workloads, virtualisation, software-defined paradigms, cloud, and big data, Dell Technologies is your one-stop shop to future-ready your IT infrastructure. “On the general infrastructure side, Dell Technologies offer everything from servers to networking and converged infrastructure to converged solutions, and with their flexible approach to problem-solving, each solution is tailored to perform to the user’s unique needs.” Ricky Pereira, Dell Enterprise Manager: Pre-Sales, at Pinnacle ICT.

Cloud computing started creating a buzz around the mid-2000’s, although the concept actually dates back to the 90’s. It wasn’t until around 2010 however, that organisations really started looking into a cloud computing strategy. In 2020 Dell Technologies presented their strategy to offer everything-as-a-service, they referred to this as Project Apex, and in January 2022 they officially introduced their multi-cloud capabilities. Apex cloud services aim to simplify multi-cloud, giving users a more secure and consistent experience without all the unnecessary complications and complexities.

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“Moving across to networking, the Dell networking portfolio will assist users to meet the demands of ever-increasing workloads, organisations that are still confined by traditional propriety networks lack scalability, agility, and automation – all of which contribute to a productive workforce, continues Pereira. “Dell’s networking portfolio covers organisations from edge, to core, to cloud.”

On the server side, Dell recently introduced their 15th-generation server line which includes Dell PowerEdge R750, R750xa, R650, MX750c, R7515 and R7525 systems. “The PowerEdge 15G server line is essential for any organisation that would like to stay a step ahead of their competition, they are built for any workload and are available in towers or racks.”

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