HR directors and managers are currently navigating an increasingly complex business environment as HR ecosystems expand with the demands of evolving workplace dynamics.

By Hope Lukoto, chief human resource officer at BCX

This recent paradigm shift is redefining everything from reporting parameters reliant on rich data, the acquisition of quality talent and proactive planning for hybrid working models. These are just some of the reasons pioneering technologies are fast-becoming the driving force behind HR’s biggest revolution.

As a modern workplace adapts to ever-changing external factors, human resource departments are now actively weighing up the benefits of technology that address three key factors; operations, company strategy and attracting a workforce that feels valued.

For most companies, technological disruption is an actual disruption to business as usual. Therefore, worldwide, the need to swiftly adapt and harness the power of creative digital solutions has become imperative. Those who are embracing online technology to streamline traditional approaches to HR are already experiencing the immediate benefits. In fact, there is no indication that this trend will ever stop but will continue to evolve, making the future of HR more exciting than ever.

The ‘if it isn’t broken, why fix it’ approach is rapidly losing ground as many HR professionals begin to note their peers championing ground-breaking technologies that engage, attract and retain talent. The safe, secure and seamless integration of innovative systems that transform an HR department’s ability to rise to the challenges of the digital world and hybrid working models is a game-changer.

The latest cloud solutions offer highly intuitive software that can securely store data, automate daily processes, create two-way employee engagement and provide analytic tools to drive more strategic decision-making. This benefits the organisation in ways leaders from the IT director to the CEO can easily appreciate.

Importantly, the previous internal concerns about switching HR providers to a more robust online solution become a moot point when considering how seamless the transfer from a company’s current system to an intelligent cloud-based solution can be.

Coupled with the freedom of accessing the HR system effortlessly from a mobile device, HR can operate both inside and outside company walls easily.

In fact, the case for change is being made with peace of mind as privacy, security and system integration with minimal disruption are proven to be an essential component of switching to a new provider such as BCX. Now, cost-effective HR tools and technologies can be customised to the unique environments of companies to help HR professionals accurately measure KPIs and employee performance.

With a goldmine of data at their fingertips, companies can dig deeper into strategic HR metrics such as revenue per employee, performance turnover and historic recruitment efficiencies.

Additionally, the benefits of real-time updates to the latest labour and tax legislation are truly empowering. BCX has already seen first-hand how clients are embracing the possibilities of using built-in tools such as WhatsApp to connect HR with employees and create effortless access to staple HR requests such as tax certificates, salary slips and personal information updates.

Ultimately, the power of intelligent cloud-based technologies designed to impact every facet of HR’s role, wherever, whenever, is set to transform the HR landscape in unimaginably exciting ways.